Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Why People Love Delicious Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Turkish Sunflower Seeds are the most consumed and preferred nuts by everyone. Salted roasted Turkish sunflower seeds are a product that is grown all over the world and is loved and consumed all over the world. Our company produces and wholesales salted roasted Turkish sunflower seeds. Our company also sells Turkish Antep pistachio, Turkish delight, Turkish baklava, roasted pumpkin seeds and other nuts.

Turkish Sunflower Seeds
Turkish Sunflower Seeds

One of the most preferred snacks that everyone has at hand is sunflower seeds. It is possible to distinguish Turkish sunflower seeds as salted sunflower seeds, local sunflower seeds and roasted sunflower seeds. The benefits of Turkish sunflower seeds are many. Sometimes we love sunflower seeds so much that we can forget the calories of love.

The history of sunflower seeds, which has many healthy effects on our body, dates back to 3000 BC. At that time, it was used to flavor dishes and breads. But everyone’s heart, of course, is to consume domestic sunflower seeds. Nowadays, even when we go for a walk, we fill our pockets with sunflower seeds. We can’t get enough of the taste.

roasted sunflower seeds
roasted sunflower seeds

Turkish Sunflower seeds are a very important snack in daily life. In our daily life, we buy the nutritious sunflower seeds as roasted sunflower seeds, salted sunflower seeds or local seeds sold in markets and markets. It is very rich in protein and minerals. According to research, it fights against cancer cells one-on-one. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of sunflower seeds together…


turkish sunflower seeds white
turkish sunflower seeds white

 ➤ Sunflower seeds are the best way to cope with stress.

 ➤ It is a natural antidepressant. It is one of the best remedies for depression.

 ➤ Patients fighting with anxiety can consume sunflower seeds regularly.

 ➤ Contains vitamin E, folic acid, vitamins B1 & B5. These vitamins enter our body in the most and most natural way from sunflower seeds.

 ➤ Sunflower seeds significantly strengthen memory and reduce forgetfulness.

 ➤ Especially roasted sunflower seeds contain a high amount of oil. It balances the natural fat we take into our body and cholesterol.

 ➤ Keeps it full. It can be preferred even in between meals. Especially roasted sunflower seeds are recommended by dietitians.

 ➤ 1 handful of sunflower seeds that we will take daily will meet most of the nutrients we need in our body, little by little.

 ➤ Roasted sunflower seeds have one-to-one properties in protecting the heart.

 ➤ It strengthens brain functions and keeps our brain more vigorous.

 ➤ Daily use of sunflower seeds by a doctor is recommended for people with panic attack disorder.

➤ 1 handful of salted sunflower seeds that we will take daily will meet all our salt needs that we need to take during the day.

  ➤ Supports our circulatory system.

  ➤ Sunflower seeds regulate our blood pressure.

  ➤ The most important benefit of sunflower seeds is that it works the thyroid glands.

  ➤ Regulates blood sugar as it is high in nutritional value.

  ➤ Supports protein synthesis.

  ➤ Sunflower seeds contain a high amount of oil. For this reason, it is recommended to be consumed by people who experience discoloration in their skin and even in their hair.

  ➤ It regulates our emotions. It has been observed that people consume sunflower seeds to relax themselves.

  ➤ It is said that sunflower seeds nourish nails. It is perfect for the whitening of the nail beds. It is recommended to be consumed daily.


  We examined the benefits of sunflower seeds. It’s time for the calories and the nutrients in it…

  Let’s find out the nutritional values in 100 grams of locally produced roasted sunflower seeds and salted sunflower seeds.

Calories: 584 kcal

  Carbs : 20.0 grams

  Fiber: 8.6 grams

  Protein: 20.6 grams

  Fat: 51 grams

  Vitamin C: 1.4 mg

  Vitamin A: 50.0 IU

  Potassium: 645.0 mg

  Calcium: 78.0 mg

  Iron: 5.3 mg

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