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Oak nut gall is a fruit of oak trees. The shape of the oak gall likes an apple. Its shape likes a sphere. Because of this, in some countries, oak gall is called an “oak apple”. The size of the oak gall is between 20mm to 30mm.

oak gall wholesaler
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The adult wasp lays eggs on leaves. And the larvae feed on leaves. In time larvae grow and be an adult.

Oak gall has different colors. It may be dark green or light yellow color or others.
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When we have to collect oak gall nuts.

Oak Nut Gall Wholesaler
Oak Nut Gall Wholesaler

Oak gall nuts are usually harvested in August every year.

Turkey has about 600 tons of yearly production. We export to Russia, Belgium, Luxemburg, Tunisia, Yemen.

How to dry oak gall nut

After collecting the fresh oak galls, we should spread them into dry and cool places. Have to abstract direct sunlight to them. And have to mix them once a day.

In past years oak gall nuts were used for the production of ink. In Roman Empire times, people use it for ink production. The structure of ink in that years is different from what ink actually produces. People use this ink for writing.

Nowadays we use the oak nut gall in the medicine sector. Besides leather industry uses oak gall nuts for leather tanning. Oak gall nut is also used in the textile sector dying process.

Oak gall nuts contain a high level of tannins. We generally use it to process cellulose fibers.

In the past years, oak gall nuts in traditional medicine for therapeutic purposes. It gives positive results in the treatment of diarrhea. Besides, it has also been beneficial in bleeding skin diseases. Oak gall nuts have an antiviral and antioxidant effect on human health.

We can use oak gall in powder form. Today, powdered oak gall is selling in small packages. Everybody can purchase it through the internet.

The powder form of oak gall nut is effective against throat inflammation. People can use it for hemorrhoid problems.

Where Can We Use Oak Gall nut?

  1. We can use them for skin diseases.
    1. Itching
    2. Dandruff
    3. Inflammation
    4. eczema disorders
    5. mouth sores
    6. vaginal disorders.
  2. Diaper rash in babies and adults
  3. It is also effective in stopping diarrhea. 3-5 gr. powdered oak gall is brewed in hot water. Drink several glasses a day.
  4. It has a nourishing effect on all hairs. It gives vitality and volume to the hair.
  5. It can stop bleedings. It can use on human beings and animals.
  6. Have benefit on hemorrhoids
  7. used in the manufacture of veterinary drugs

What Are The Varieties of Oak Gall Nuts?

  1. Indigo
  2. Black
  3. Green
  4. White
  5. Red
  6. Allepo galls
  7. Izmir galls

What Are The Ingredients?

It contains tannin, gallic acid, ellagic acid, starch, sugar, calcium, oxalate


Hypertension and diabetes patients should not use it.

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