Turkish Roasted Hazelnut

We are a wholesaler and exporter of Turkish roasted hazelnuts and raw hazelnut kernels. Our company exports and wholesales Turkish pistachio, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and other roasted dried nuts.

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Roasted Hazelnut is a product that is produced and consumed fondly both in our country and all over the world. It is among the most consumed products in the world. Roasted Turkish Hazelnuts are consumed as snacks and nuts. Also, factories use hazelnuts in the production of chocolate and breakfast products.

roasted turkish hazelnuts
Turkish roasted hazelnut

Chocolate hazelnut paste and plain hazelnut paste are consumed a lot in breakfast. Hazelnuts are both delicious and useful nuts.

Roasted Turkish hazelnut, which is a healthy snack, can be eaten directly and used as a supplement in foods.

The best growing conditions for Turkish hazelnuts in the world are the Eastern Black Sea region. Hazelnut with high commercial value is grown in the Trabzon-Giresun-Ordu region. Hazelnut is grown in Giresun, Ordu, Trabzon, Sakarya, Bartın, Zonguldak regions.

Turkey is the leader in world hazelnut production. 60% of the world’s hazelnut production is made in Turkey. Hazelnut grows in moist and humus soil. 80% of our country’s hazelnut needs are met from this region.

Hazelnut requires 1000 mm to 2000 mm precipitation. The temperature must be above 2 degrees Celsius. If frost occurs, local hazelnuts will be damaged. Turkey has suitable climate and soil conditions.

Because of this farmers produce delicious and high-quality hazelnuts. The grown Turkish hazelnuts are divided into different types. These are shelled plump and shelled pointed hazelnuts. They can also be used in the form of roasted hazelnuts. In all its forms, hazelnut gives energy, taste, and health.

Hazelnut Production in the World

ITALY 160.000 TONS
USA 56.600 TONS
TOTAL1.114.600 TONS

What are the Benefits of Roasted Turkish Hazelnut?

From a health point of view, raw hazelnuts are more beneficial. Roasted Turkish hazelnuts are processed, so the benefit decreases at this time. There are twice as many antioxidants in raw hazelnuts. Hazelnut contains vitamin E, fiber, and arginine. Also, it contains omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins B6 and B2. Thanks to these, it prevents the risk of heart attack and metabolism disorders.

Besides, it prevents intestinal diseases and asthma. Thanks to its rich nutritional value. It increases bowel movements and runs the metabolism. It accelerates weight loss and is energizing. Since the oil content is high, it should not be consumed excessively. During roasting, 15% of the oil is damaged. Thus, the consumption of raw domestic hazelnuts is recommended for its positive effects.

What are the Uses of Hazelnut?

Hazelnut has a wide usage area. About 80% of the hazelnuts produced are used in the chocolate industry. It is consumed as a snack and there is also the form of hazelnut oil. The shell, inner, and leaf parts of the hazelnut are preferred in separate areas. The leaf part is sent back to the agricultural fields as fertilizer.

Shelled hazelnuts become fuel, especially in the Eastern Black Sea region. In addition, different materials are produced from this shell. Manufacturers use briquette coal, industrial coal, activated coal, contralite, and paint industry.

The most used part is the interior. Cooking oil, grease production, metal cutting oils, asphalt plate production, disinfection of hand and rubber gloves, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, corrosion inhibitor, and metal cleaning is among the usage areas of raw hazelnut.

What are the Hazelnut Types?

When it comes to hazelnut types, the first thing that comes to mind is locally roasted hazelnuts. For this, the hazelnut kernels are roasted and the membrane is thrown. It can be used directly or in flour, mince, puree, and slicing forms, according to customer demand. It is especially used as the main ingredient in bakery products, confectionery, chocolate, and cream. Vacuum packaging is done to keep it healthy.

Shelled native hazelnut is one of the most basic forms of hazelnut. The internal yield is quite high in the round type. Thus, round nuts are grown more densely. We can break the shell, turned into a core, or consume it by salting the outside. It is common in Giresun, Ordu and Akçakoca regions.

Hazelnut varieties

Chubby Hazelnut Type

Chubby hazelnut is the most important and popular hazelnut variety grown in our country. It grows in the Giresun region. It is a species that can be regularly yielded. The peel color is clear. The bark is shiny and brown. The inner fruit membrane can be easily peeled off.

Palaz Hazelnut

It grows mostly in the Ordu region. Its fruit is quite large compared to the plump hazelnut. It is round and elliptical. The bark is dull brown in color.

Fosa Hazelnut Type

It is among the most preferred hazelnut varieties. It grows mostly in the Trabzon region. It has an impressive structure.

Pebble Nuts

This species, which is produced quite a lot, grows more in the Ordu region. Another name is “Delisava”. Çakıldak hazelnut can adapt to any climate and soil conditions. It is a very productive hazelnut variety.

Kalinkara Hazelnut Type

It has a delicate structure. It has a short lifespan. But, it is highly efficient. Kalinkara hazelnut grows in all kinds of soils.

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