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How To Buy First Quality Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Roasted Turkish Sunflower seeds are the fruit of the plant called sunflower. Turkish Sunflower seeds belongs to the daisy family. It is an agricultural plant with yellow flowers produced for its seeds and oil.

Turkish Sunflower Seeds
Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Turkish Sunflower seeds is one of the most important oil crops in the world as well as in Turkey. In the most widely grown in the Marmara region in Turkey, especially in Thrace region. There are more than 60 varieties of sunflower seed in the world.

Some Turkish sunflower seeds varieties have striped leaves. Turkish sunflower seeds come in two varieties, black and striped. Black type sunflower seeds are used to make oil and snacks. Sunflower oil takes the first place among the vegetable oils used for cooking and preferred in terms of quality.

The outer surface of the sunflower, which is the fruit of the sunflower plant, is shelled. The real eaten part is located inside. It contains a lot of oil. For this reason, it is widely used in oil production.

Lightly Roasted Turkish Sunflower Seeds Is A Good Snack

roasted sunflower seeds
roasted sunflower seeds

Turkish Sunflower seeds are also widely consumed as a snack. Sunflower seeds consumed as a snack is lightly roasted. Roasted Turkish sunflower seeds are diversified with salty, unsalted, peppery and all kinds of sauces. Thus, it appeals to every taste. Another consumption form of Turkish sunflower seeds is bakery production sector. Roasted sunflower seeds or unroasted sunflower seeds are using inside of baked goods.

Turkish Sunflower seeds consumed as snacks are grown in Kayseri, Erzurum, Sivas, Kırıkkale, Yozgat and Central Anatolia. However, sunflower seeds of good quality are produced to be used mostly in the nuts sector in Denizli Çivril Region. Sunflower seeds, one of the most consumed snacks in our country, are known by different names according to the regions.

Nutritional values (for 100 g):

  • Dietary fiber 12,6 g
  • Protein 27,8 g
  • Fat 31,2 g
  • Saturated Fat 2.6 g
  • Carbohydrate 23,7 g
  • Energy value 512 kcal

Type Of SunflowerSeeds And Regions

sunflowerseeds with shell
roasted sunflower seeds with shell

The most common roasted sunflower seeds offered to consumption by roasting are:

Sunflower Seeds in White / Pajamas (White Sunflower Seeds)

Dakota Sunflower Seeds

Black Cyprus Sunflower Seeds

Karaduman / Village Seed (Sunflower Seeds for Oil)

Inner Sunflower Seeds

Benefits of Sunflowerseeds To Human Healths

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Since sunflower seeds are a nutritious product, they also have healthy effects on humans. It containes good oils, antioxidants and minerals. It is also a vitamin store. Twenty-eight grams of sunflower seeds meet seventy-six percent of the daily vitamin E need. Thus, we can say that the right consumption of sunflower seeds is beneficial for the skin and delays skin aging.

In studies on nutrition, it has been concluded that sunflower seeds are super foods along with onions, garlic and broccoli. These superfoods help prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Sunflower seeds contain B vitamins in natural form. This vitamin helps the formation of new cells, DNA and RNA and also plays a role in preventing cancer-causing changes in DNA.

It helps to increase good type of cholesterol , it lowers the unhealthy cholesterol. In addition, thanks to its protein content, it helps the development and protection of muscle and tissue in the body. Twenty-eight grams of sunflower seeds meets twelve percent of your daily protein need.


sunflower seeds bulk
sunflower seeds bulk

Sunflower seeds also contain high amounts of copper, zinc, iron and fiber. Thanks to these minerals:

Oxygen is carried to the whole body,

Produces energy,

The immune system is protected,

Blood sugar and blood cholesterol are kept in balance,

It also helps prevent constipation.

The benefits of zinc contained in sunflower seeds:

Effective in healing wounds,

Help prevent acne,

Strengthening the immune system,

Helps to eliminate recurrent infections,

Provides taste and odor acuity,

It is important for the increase of sperm movements.

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