Turkish Snacks Seeds

The Roasted Sunflower Seeds Amazing For Export

Roasted Turkish Sunflower Seeds Harvesting in European Countries

Roasted Turkish Sunflower Seeds are one of the most preferred snacks all over the world. Turkish Sunflower seed harvest is expected to be low this year in England and Europe. Therefore, an increase in imports is expected.

Turkish Sunflower Seeds
Turkish Sunflower Seeds

How Many Ways Are There To Use Snacks?

Turkish Sunflower seeds are used in three different ways. The first is consumption as confectionery. Turkish Sunflower seeds are among the most preferred nuts. Twelve months of the year, it is a nut that can be easily consumed both in front of the TV and outdoors.

In addition, sunflower seeds are used as bird food. Roasted Turkish Sunflower seeds are an indispensable snack.
The third and very important area is its use for oil. Sunflower oil is the most preferred oil after olive oil all over the world. It ranks third in the world in terms of consumption.

Turkish Nuts And Seeds
Turkish Nuts And Seeds

The most consumed oil in the world is Palm Oil. And the second one is Soya oil in the world. Sunflower seed oil consumption is third in the world. The next one is Plam seeds oil than peanut oil, and the next one is cottonseed oil.

Experts state that the European market will dominate the import of oil seeds such as sunflower seeds, canola, and soy imported from Northern America and Australia this year.
However, this season, European countries slowed down imports. Soybean imports rose 9 percent in the first six weeks of the year. Sunflower seed imports increased by only 104 percent. We could say that this could limit price reductions with the sunflower oil and soybean oil trade.

Turkey Sunflower Seeds
Turkey Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower oil imports increased by 355,000 tons in the second half of 2019/20 compared to the previous year.

Ukraine is expected to harvest a record crop in 2020, according to information received. Russia is expecting its second-largest crop.

They report that although it is a small part of the oilseed complex, the crop is looking increasingly attractive.

There Is A Slight Increase In This Year’s Sunflower Seeds Harvest

Turkish Snacks Seeds
Turkish Snacks Seeds

Oilseed harvest is likely to increase slightly in 2020. The main reason for this is the buffer crop of sunflower seeds. In total, this year’s harvest will be greater than the previous two years. Europeans estimate the production at 29 million tons. This means an increase of just under 3% on an annual basis. However, production will still fall approximately 4% below the long-term average.

The increase in Turkish sunflower seeds was particularly large and the area grew by 2%. The yield is estimated to be 5% higher on an annual basis. The farmer is expected to bring a crop that is 7% higher than the previous year. Sunflower production in some European countries differed due to the conditions at the time of planting and the field conditions. On the basis of quantity, sunflower seed is the second most important oilseed crop in Europe.

Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Rapeseed has the largest share in oilseed production this year as in the previous years. European countries expect only a slight increase compared to the previous year. A larger planted area is offset by slightly lower yields per hectare.

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