Authentic Turkish Delight

Authentic Turkish Delight With Rose

Authentic Turkish delight is a traditional Turkish dessert that envelops the palate with its magnificent taste and is especially consumed with Turkish coffee. It is one of the indispensable symbols of Turkish culture. It is preferred on religious holidays and special ceremonies.

Authentic Turkish delight; It is known as traditional Turkish delight. Authentic Turkish delight or traditional Turkish delight is the same. The history of the Luxury Turkish delight dessert starts hundreds of years ago. It is called palace delight because of its frequent use in the Ottoman palace. It is called authentic Turkish Delight because it was made in the Ottoman period. It is called traditional Turkish delight because it is used by the Turks and originates from Turkish cuisine.

Authentic Turkish Delight
Authentic Turkish Delight

It has taken centuries for Turkish delight to be shaped according to our taste buds. Now, there are also diet products with low sugar content that are suitable for demand. Today, we can see a variety of products with products suitable for demand and delights suitable for the palate.

Luxury Turkish Delight
Luxury Turkish Delight

There is a history of lokum Turkish delight development from the 15th century to the present. Loqhum Turkish delight is promoted to Europe and America under the name of “authentic Turkish Delight“. It was produced using honey and fruit syrup before sugar was produced. Along with the production of sugar, sugar was used instead of honey in the production of authentic Turkish delight. This has both reduced costs and resulted in other delicious flavors. Fruit syrup and fruit extracts are still used today to enjoy the aroma.

What Are The Types Of Turkish Delight

Types Of Turkish Delight
Types Of Turkish Delight

Different nuts and dried fruits are added to Turkish delight. The dried fruits and nuts we add determine the type of product.

Turkish delight production begins by dissolving sugar in water and boiling it. Afterward, starch and other substances are added and mixed slowly.

The skill and knowledge of the master who makes the Turkish delight are very important at this point. Thanks to the dry ingredients added in the right amount while in the right consistency, Turkish delight achieves the most perfect taste.

After the material has cooled, the Turkish delights are cut and covered with powdered sugar so that they do not stick to each other. Turkish delights, which are packaged after all these processes, take their places on the shelves to sweeten the mouth.

After adding nuts and dried fruits to the Turkish delight, the delights are left to cool and shape. Then, the Turkish delights cut to the desired size are offered for sale.

Authentic Turkish delight is a single product. However, there are many types. Authentic Turkish delight has varieties suitable for the palate. Rose Turkish Delight, Turkish Delight Pistachio, Walnut Delight, Almond Turkish Delight, Coconut Delight, Turkish Delight. However, citrus fruits are mainly produced with orange and lemon delight.

There are also mint delight, ginger delight, and vanilla delight, which have a dominant spice feature. There is also a variety of fruit delights such as strawberry delight. Almost every fruit, spice, or nut has a delight. This variety is expanding in accordance with the taste. Turkish delight is extremely rich in variety. It owes this richness to the diversity of Turkish cuisine.

Traditional Turkish Delight
Traditional Turkish Delight

The delights produced are named according to the material contained in them. Their colors and fragrances also vary according to the food used. It can be a unique feast for the palate with coffee. It can be consumed as a single meal. Coffee can be consumed as supplementary food in addition to cold or hot drinks.

What Are The Most Preferred Turkish Delight Types?

authentic turkish delight
authentic Turkish delight

Rose Turkish delight is highly preferred in our country. Rose has special importance in Ottoman Cuisine. This delight also gave a different taste. This delight, prepared with its unique rose scent and taste, is distributed on special occasions. Turkish delight with rose is served at circumcision weddings, religious festivals, special weddings, and events.

Another type of delight that has survived from Ottoman cuisine is the delight with pomegranate. Using pomegranate syrup extract, the flavor of the pomegranate is given. With its dark red appearance and the scent of pomegranate, it is a symbol of abundance.

turkish sweets online
Turkish Sweets Online

There is a type of nut that is accepted worldwide as pistachio. The other name of the pistachio has been the Turkish Antep pistachio. Luxury Turkish delight made with Turkish nuts is also very popular. Pieces of peanuts are thrown into the Turkish delight. It is a different flavor to come to the mouth as grains while eating Turkish delight.

Benefits of Traditional Turkish Lokum

turkish delight price
Turkish delight price

It helps to clean the kidneys. Kidney patients are also recommended to consume the carbohydrate in delight as it facilitates weight gain.

It is known that Turkish delight is good for skin diseases. It is good for hemorrhoids, boils, wounds, eczema, and psoriasis. It can be both consumed as food and wrapped in the wound. With this feature, it has the effect of eliminating wounds.

traditional turkish delight
traditional Turkish delight

It is good for allergic reactions. It eliminates any allergic reaction. It is particularly effective in skin allergies and contact-related skin reactions. It can be consumed as food. Recovery can be achieved by contacting the allergy-showing place.

Regular consumption eliminates tonsil ailments. It eliminates conditions such as swelling of the tonsils and tonsillitis.

It secretes the serotonin hormone. This helps you feel fit and energetic. It also gives happiness. It allows you to be happy for a long time.

Because it has a sugary structure, it has an appetite suppressant feature. It prevents you from eating a lot and gaining weight fast.

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