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Authentic Turkish Delight manufacturer and wholesaler company located in Turkey. We are Turkish pistachios wholesalers company. We are also manufacturer and exporter of Turkish sunflower seeds, Turkish Antep Baklavas, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted peanuts, dragees and spices.

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Rose Turkish delight comes to mind when Luxury Turkish delight is mentioned. Turkish Lokum consists of water, sugar, starch and citric acid. However, Authentic Turkish delight has a unique flavor. The most important factor is that the materials used in luxury Turkish delight are produced in Turkey. In addition to this, the determination of the consistency of the authentic Turkish delight also reveals a taste unique to the Turks.

Today, the world-famous luxury Turkish delight is a flavor that developed in the 18th century in Turkish and Ottoman history. It is a flavor created by Muhittin Hacı Bekir. Later, this flavor began to spread to the world under the name of Turkish. The soft taste of authentic Turkish delight is the biggest factor that brings this flavor to the fore.

Types Of Turkish Delight
Types Of Turkish Delight

What Are The Features of Luxury Turkish Delight

The most important features of authentic Turkish delight under the name of rose delight can be listed as follows;

  • It has a very mild taste.
  • Sugar consistency is moderate. It does not leave an excessive sugar feeling in the mouth.
  • Although it is soft, it does not have a fluid structure.
  • It has a pleasant rose scent.
  • It does not contain only one flavor. In addition to being plain, it combines varying flavors such as cocoa, hazelnut and walnut.
  • Although it has a sticky taste, it melts instantly. It does not stick to the teeth.
  • Small sizes, called bird delight, stand out more. There are also different sizes available.
  • Leaves a soft, slippery feeling in the mouth.

The most important features of authentic Turkish delight under the name of rose delight can be listed as follows;

Reputation of Luxury Turkish Delight in the World

Rose Turkish delight is a flavor that has been famous since the 19th century, especially in Greece. It has become famous as luxury Turkish delight or rose delight. It has been consumed in Romania since the 17th and 18th centuries. Just like in Turkey, it is served alongside Turkish coffee in Greece.

Since 1964, pistachio, mint, hazelnut and orange ones have been consumed in North America. It is imported from Turkey. There are Turkish delights with different names in Brazil. However, they are also known as Middle Eastern delicacies. In Britain and England, it is put on sale as Fry’s Turkish Delight.

They are also consumed with the taste of crystallized sugar. In many European countries, Turkish delight is consumed under the name of Turkish delight. Because it is a healthy food, it is consumed a lot around the world.

What Are Luxury Turkish Delight’s Local Varieties

Rose Turkish delight is frequently mentioned with its local flavor. Afyon delight is the most well-known Turkish delight. Osmaniye quince delight offers a different flavor under the name of rose delight. It makes you feel a taste that comes from years. Safranbolu delight stands out for those who do not know as rose delight. It makes a difference both in appearance and taste.

It disperses instantly without being in the mouth and throat.
Although Turkish delight differs according to the regions, it comes together under a single name. It is also rose delight. Every kind of Turkish delight is a taste opened to the world under the name of Turkish patent. Today, Turkish delight is one of the most consumed flavors globally.

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