Traditional Turkish Baklava

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Turkish Baklava Price
Turkish Baklava Price


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Turkish baklava is a very old dessert type dating back to the Ottoman period. Turkish Baklava is cooked in every house on holidays, weddings, all special occasions. Nowadays baklava producing is a new sector. Consumers buy Turkish baklava from Turkish baklava shops.

Turkish baklava prices differ from one to each other producer’s Baklava is not cooked for food, but rather to serves the guests. Baklava is very difficult and laborious to cook. It is very difficult to achieve its flavor. It is produced from very thin doughs. Baklava has an average of 40 doughs and the doughs are so thin that the other side can be seen easily.

Authentic Turkish Baklava
Authentic Turkish Baklava

Over time, baklava production has become an industry. Currently, baklava produced in workshops is consumed as well as baklava produced at home. Gaziantep region is a world-famous city with its baklava. The most delicious baklava in the world is produced in Gaziantep.

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traditional turkish baklava recipe
traditional Turkish baklava recipe


turkish baklava pistachio
Turkish Baklava Pistachio

Baklava is one of the most popular tastes of Turkish cuisine. Turkish Baklava prices are depending on the cost of raw materials like butter, sugar, Antep Pistachio, and others. Baklava varieties with plenty of sherbets, including Turkish Antep Pistachio and walnut, almost give a taste feast on the palate.

Thanks to its special dough and sherbet, there are many lovers of the popular flavor. When it comes to Turkish baklava, the unique taste that brings sweet pleasure to the highest levels comes to mind with many different varieties.

Walnut baklava
Walnut baklava

Turkish Baklava is produced in every region, especially in the Antep region throughout the country. The taste of baklava, made by the masters of Antep spread all over the country, is not easily found in other desserts.

Baklava, which is made by thinly rolling the dough mixed with vinegar, egg, and yogurt, is hardly anyone to like. Baklava is the most special of the desserts with its butter on the top, its soft texture on the inside, and plenty of sherbets.

Baklava is even more delicious if it comes from the famous masters in the field. In our country, there are a few baklava factories that are renowned in terms of both material quality and product taste.

Because Turkish baklava is not a simple dessert that everyone can make with an original flavor. It is possible to eat Turkish baklava in every patisserie and dessert shop, but Antep baklava is not eaten everywhere.

types of turkish baklava
Types Of Turkish Baklava

Quality companies that produce baklava varieties in trays offer this flavor unique to Turkish consumers in its original form. It is not easy to produce delicious baklava. A baklava master may sacrifice many years to produce genuine Antep baklava. Antep baklava reflects the tastes and preferences of Turkish people in a way

turkish baklava gaziantep
turkish baklava gaziantep

At the same time, the naturalness of the materials used in Antep, which is the homeland of the pistachio used, has further increased the reputation of baklava. The real Antep baklava is structured with pistachio. However, there are plenty of walnut options to address different preferences.

True baklava is a type of baklava that has not been compromised from its taste. This requires the use of abundant and natural materials and skillful workmanship. Genuine traditional Turkish baklava has a distinctive golden yellow color. Baking consistency is important in preserving its original color. No matter how you look at a tray of baklava, it looks the same golden yellow color, that baklava is the original Turkish baklava. Although its sherbet is abundant, it does not freeze and sugar when taken into the mouth.

turkish baklava order online
Turkish baklava order online

Its sherbet is not overly dense and burning. It disperses in the mouth and gives pleasure while eating. Although it is a dessert with syrup, it is delicious that can be consumed plate by plate. The skill in Turkish baklava originates from the master. Best Turkish Baklava, which looks like a tiny slice, may have at least 40 floors.

Each layer is opened thinly. Both its cooking and its sherbet require special importance. Each stage requires a different skill. When Baklava Gaziantep is mentioned, a variety of baklava is offered to those who love dessert. There are many types of baklava with different content and taste as well as different appearances.

turkish baklava green
turkish baklava green

Turkish baklava, whose taste has spread around the world, has a considerable share in the tourism of the country. Those who want to taste Antep baklava on-site visit the region for this rare taste. Many different types of baklava are hidden under the name Antep baklava.

Although it is called Antep baklava as a standard, the product variety is too much to be underestimated. Turkish Baklava price is directly proportional to product quality and material. The higher the quality of the product, the same is the price. In general, Turkish baklava prices vary according to the types of baklava. Its material and shape are effective in determining Turkish baklava prices.

The standards of baklava, a registered Turkish dessert, are legally specified. How good baklava should be and some of the ingredients that must be used are legally determined. For this reason, traditional Turkish baklava is a unique dessert. Baklava, which gives a different experience in dessert, takes the lead among traditional Turkish desserts.

The traditional Turkish baklava recipe is very difficult and laborious. Baklava is quite difficult to cook at home. However, if you want to cook baklava at home, you can find many baklava recipes in written or video form on the internet. You can find ingredients of Turkish baklava on the internet.

Baklava, which has its origins in the Ottoman Empire, has survived until today without spoiling its original form. Baklava is a delicious Turkish dessert. However, the most delicious one in the country is made in the Antep region. In the Antep region, masters specializing in baklava start at an early age. In this way, they produce the most beautiful baklava without sacrificing taste and quality.

Baklava is a delicious dessert that can change the taste perception of people. Baklava factories, which have made a name for themselves, are competing with each other in terms of taste. Because good baklava is delicious only if it is handled by a master.

In today’s technology, a genuine traditional Turkish baklava can be ordered from anywhere. Being able to order online also increases the demand for delicious dessert-like baklava. You can order online best Turkish baklava if you are living in Turkey

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