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Turkish Delight With Pistachio


Our company produces and exports Authentic Turkish delights. Our products are first quality. Authentic Turkish delight products are made from sugar, different kind of nuts or dried fruits and other supplements. We have dozens of different type of Authentic Turkish delights.

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The Authentic Turkish delight pistachio is the sweetest member of Turkish cuisine. So, this very well known taste is most prefered sweets with coffees. Also one of the best gift you will give to your family or your friends. This sweet has a hundreds years of long historical past. It have been perfectly served in Ottoman palaces.

We use sugar, turkish pistachio and other nuts in our products.


authentic turkish delight pistachio
Authentic Turkish Delight Pistachio

Turkish Lokum is one of the most beautiful and special representatives of Turkish cuisine. Turkish desert has hundreds of years of history. We known that people produced and consumed the first examples of this flavor in the 15th century.

Previously, it has come up with different recipes and different names. But Turkish Loqum became more and more popular in the 17th century. In 1770s, producers began to manufacture mass production of this taste in the Ottoman Empire under the name of Turkish Loqum.

In the following days, travelers carried this taste to abroad. And other countries recognized Turkish lokum. Turkish Loqum first reached the Balkans and then to other parts of Europe. Today, we can come across this flavor in every corner of the world with the name authentic Turkish delight


pomegranate turkish delight
Pomegranate Turkish Delight

With the use of different nuts and fruits as well as aromas, different varieties have been put on the market every day. A variety of Turkish lokum is produced that appeals to all kinds of palates.

Based on this, we can conclude that even the grandchildren of our grandchildren will enjoy this traditional taste, which has numerous varieties such as double roasted Turkish loqum, with pistachio, with cream, with pomegranate and rose leaves.


traditional rose turkish delight pistachio
rose turkish delight

Authentic Turkish delight pistachio is consumed all over the world with its unique taste. Turkish desert is a kind of dessert and has an important place in Turkish cuisine culture. It is often consumed on feast days, funerals, ceremonies, special days and special events. Turkish sweet has definitely entered every household in our country and is consumed by the loved ones.

The reason for this is that the people of our country attach importance to Turkish desert not only on special occasions but also in their daily social life. In addition, it is one of the most indispensable gifts of tourists who come from abroad and visit our country.

Turkish desert is mostly consumed while drinking coffee in our lives. In addition, it is an indispensable type of treat for our guests coming to our homes.

This unique taste that emerged in the palace of the Ottoman Empire was consumed as a palace flavor in the Ottoman Empire. Although time has passed, its place in Turkish cuisine culture has never changed.

How To Make Turkish Delight With Its Flavor Exceeding The Sea?

authentic turkish delight
authentic turkish delight

It is known that the first examples of Authentic Turkish delight pistachio in Ottoman palaces were prepared using natural honey or molasses. However, with the widespread use of industrial sugar, the current delight recipe has begun to be applied. The main ingredients of authentic Turkish desert are sugar, starch, water and lemon salt.

Apart from these materials used in the production of Turkish seweet, the following materials are used. Pistachio, nuts, dried fruits, pomegranate, dried rose, coconut, kiwi, mixed forest fruits, hazelnut, black mulberry and various other flavors are used in the production of Turkish desert.

How Do We Produce Wonderful Turkish Delight?

The first of the production stages of Turkish desert is boiling sucrose in water until it dissolves. Then, lemon salt and starch are dissolved in another bowl and kept for melting. Then the mixture is mixed in sugar water and boiled again. From this stage on, it is time to show one’s dexterity to create the taste of the Turkish desert.

Because the boiling time and consistency of the mixture depends on the person. After the delight is boiled, it is put into molds to take its shape while it is fluid. After the Turkish deserts are cooled and shaped, they are cut from the container. Packaged as the last step of all these processes, Turkish deserts take their place on the market shelves to arouse taste and pleasure to those who eat.

What Are Varieties Of Most Wonderful Turkish Deligt?

turkish delight with nuts
Turkish Delight With Nuts

Turkish deserts are generally named according to the ingredients found in them. It is usually produced with Turkish pictachio. Apart from that, we also have varieties with milk, almond, pomegranate, dried rose leaves, hazelnut, walnut, black mulberry, kiwi, mixed forest fruits, cocoa, coconut. In addition, we make special productions upon the special request of our customers.

  • Aleppo Delight With Pistachio
  • Forest Fruit Delight
  • Hazelnut Delight
  • Pistachio Cezerye
  • Pomegranate Turkish Delight
  • Rose Turkish Delight
  • Delight Chocolate And Pistachio
  • Delight Pistachio


loqum turkish delight
Lokum Turkish Delight

We mentioned that Turkish desert our traditional taste, is a very special dessert. For this reason, the presentation style should also be as careful as possible. But first of all, you need to be sure of the quality of the Turkish desert you have.

With a quality Turkish sweet, you can give your guests, family and loved ones good tastes and moments. You can serve Turkish sweet with coffee, tea and sherbet. It can also be consumed plain, depending on preference.


There are more than one point to understand the quality of Turkish loqum. The powdered sugar on the Turkish lokum should be dry, not moist. The color of Turkish loqum should be bright and transparent. While eating Turkish loqum, it needs to be soft and flexible enough for the tooth to cut.

When you press on the Turkish lokum, it needs to be restored when you leave it again. If positive results are obtained after controlling these issues, it can be said that lokum is of good quality. The companies that sell Turkish lokum are generally selling delight of high quality.


best turkish delight
best turkish delight

Turkish delight is one of the most beautiful and luxury turkish delight for special representatives of Turkish cuisine both at home and abroad. This excellent flavor, which has a century-old history, emerged in the 15th century with its known history and was used as a palace flavor in Ottoman palaces.

On the other hand, another known Turkish Delight history states that it appeared in 226 BC. It is stated that the dessert “abhisa” belonging to the Sassanids who ruled in Iran constitutes the primitive origin of the delight.

Luxury Turkish delight, which previously appeared with different names and different recipes, began to be mass produced and used by the Ottoman in the 17th century with its clear history.

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