Salted and Roasted Peanut Inshell

Salted and roasted peanut inshell are one of the most basic types of dried nuts. Salted and roasted peanuts are very tasty and demanded by consumers. Our company produces and exports salted roasted peanuts. Contact us for detailed information about the product.


Salted and Roasted Peanuts Inshell

Scientific name Arachis hypogaea, English name Peanut. Peanut is a type of shelled legume from the bean family. It is a rooted and branched plant. It contains 50% fat, carbohydrate, protein, iron and magnesium. It got this name because it grows under the ground. Its seeds are produced by planting in the soil. It is grown in hot weather with abundant irrigation. Therefore, its cultivation is done towards the end of April. Peanuts, which love humidity and hot air, mature between 150-160 days and give their first products.

It is grown in Marmara, Mediterranean and Aegean regions in our country. It is mostly produced in Osmaniye district, located in the Mediterranean. Considerable production is also made in Adana, Kahramanmaraş and Aydın. China ranks 1st in peanut production. India ranks 2nd, Nigeria 3rd and USA 4th.

There are 32 different types of peanuts. In general, it is divided into 4 groups. These are named as Virginia, Runner, Spanish and Valencia. Virginia and Runner have coarse seeds and are used in snack dishes. Spanish is produced for oil because it contains high oil. Valencia type is made as peanut butter in the food industry. Virginia peanut production group in Turkey is made. The most preferred of these is roasted and salted peanuts. Roasted peanut, which are extracted raw from the soil, are roasted and made delicious. Roasted peanuts, is the most consumed variety in Turkey. It is obtained by roasting at 120 degrees for 1 or 2 hours. Salty peanuts, on the other hand, are a type made by adding salt in the same process and consumed with love.

Usage Areas of Roasted Peanut

roasted turkish peanuts
roasted turkish peanuts

Peanuts are generally used in industry and nuts production. Peanuts were also used in making oil, paste and flour. Peanut oil in meals; butter for breakfasts; flour is used in the production of gluten-free products.

Oils produced from peanuts are used in biscuit making, pastry industry, fish canned food and soap production.

Its nutritional value has increased with the rich proteins in its seeds. These seeds are used in many areas, either naturally or in a processed form. Confectionery, chocolate foods, breakfast foods are some of these areas.

The remaining pulp from the peanuts extracted from the oil is used as feed. Used as wet green fodder or dry. Thus, the feed requirement of the animals was met.
Peanut shells are also used in various places. It is used as mushroom cultivation, artificial wood and coal making, chipboard making and firewood.

Benefits of Peanuts

There are many known benefits of roasted peanut. It balances blood sugar thanks to its rich oil and vitamins. It prevents cholesterol. Tryptaphone in place helps protect against depression. It is consumed low for pregnant women. It is also known that colon cancer is greatly reduced. In these women, this rate is as high as 58%.

Peanuts, which are very useful for brain cells, are recommended for those with forgetfulness. It is good for stomach diseases. The natural oil contained in it protects the heart. It reduces the risk of heart attack. Especially peanut butter helps relieve pain for those with problem gall bladder. It benefits the skin thanks to its vitamin E. It is also good for eczema. It has a significant effect on diabetic patients. The magnesium it contains is very beneficial for bone and muscle health. It supports development and growth.

It contributes to the energetic feeling of the body by keeping it full. For this reason, peanuts can be consumed by taking part in diet lists. However, too much is harmful and causes weight gain. The cause of allergies is a harm that occurs besides its benefits.
It is very beneficial against eye diseases, especially cataract formation. It prevents hormone disorders by ensuring regular functioning of hormones.

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