Sunflower seeds

Our company is wholesaler and exporter of Turkish sunflower seeds. We wholesale roasted salted sunflower seeds inside of Turkey.

We are exporting sunflower seeds to Iraq, Syria, North African Countries And Middle East Countries.

Packing Types Of Roasted Turkish Sunflower Seeds

We generaly packing Roasted Turkish Sunflower Seeds in 20kg or 25kg of PE bags. According to our customer demand, we can packing in 10kg or 5kg of pe bags. We can also give service for little packages.

Our minimum order quantity is 1000 kgs. But if customer gives from different products and total quantity is reach 1000 kgs, we can ship.

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Dakota Type Sunflowerseed

Dakota type Turkish Sunflower Seeds is black color and big sizes sunflowerseed. According to the tests, it’s kernel ratio is high. Besides, the taste is very good. We roast the sunflowerseeds with salt. The taste of salted and roasted sunfloweseeds are always preferable as a snack.

White Color Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Second type of sunflower seeds is white color and Turkish sunflower seeds. Despite of dakota type, Turkish sunflower seeds are thin and long shape. Generally consumers accept the taste is very good perfect for consomption

Sunflower kernel, which is the indispensable choice of the most love tables, is very preferred. Why is it so much preferred?

First of all, it is more affordable than other nuts in terms of price. Also, because it gives happiness to people during consumption, it always brings good memories to people.
The roasting process causes a change in the structure of the nuts. Generally it changes the color of roasted kernels or nuts, decreases the moisture content and gives crunchy texture. While the nuts are roasted, they lose moisture.

Why do we always identify the sunflowerseed with happy memories? This is because this delicious nut is a rich source of magnesium! It is observed that magnesium gives positive results, especially in patients with emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, sunflower seeds, which are a natural source of magnesium, make you happy.
Sunflower seeds are subjected to roasting process to increase its flavor and aroma. Certainly this process helps to increase the brittle texture. When roasted, the taste and aroma of nuts appear more. The roasting is done by applying with salt in special pans.

How can we get rid of the wonderful taste of sunflower seeds?

Due to its taste, nutritional values and health benefits, sunflower seeds are one of the snacks that almost everyone likes. The Turkish snack seeds are an indispensable part of special moments with the options offered for consumption after being grown in fertile land and undergoing various processes. It is also very enjoyable to consume sunflower seeds alone, which becomes a race when consumed with two or more people.

Turkish nuts and seed can be the best friend of pleasant conversations, peaceful moments or sad times. There is no need for a special place to fence the core. Any environment you are in can become beautiful with the core. Sunflower seeds are capable of accompanying consumers anytime and anywhere. It is among the most popular nuts with its roasted, double roasted, salty and salty varieties. It is addictive with its flavor and is fondly consumed by everyone, big and small.

Wonderfull Roasted Sunflowerseed For Amazing Memories

Due to the abundant amount of oil it contains, sunflower seeds are also used in the production of table oil. 40 different varieties are produced for different tastes around the world. It is also grown in large quantities in our country and is referred to by a different name in each region. The most consumed type is roasted sunflower seeds. Roasted sunflower seeds, which are rich in vitamins E and B, also contain high protein.

Although raw consumption is recommended for health, roasted beans are ideal for taste. It can be taken raw and roasted at home to the required extent. However, as it is roasted by sweetening slowly in special ovens, it increases the taste quality. Sunflower seeds are generally consumed as a delicious snack. Therefore, it goes through special roasting processes. Benefits or harms are linked to the production stage. Products that are processed with the right methods and materials should be preferred.

Dakota Type SunflowerSeeds

One of the kernel varieties that are eagerly consumed is dakota sunflower seeds. Scientific research has proven that there are good oils and antioxidants in dakota sunflower seeds. It preserves its nutritional value due to less processing It is both an affordable and nutritious nut. Thanks to its delicious structure, it is used not only for snacks but also for flavoring many types of food in the kitchen. Dakota core has a wide range of uses. Although the production phase is extremely demanding, it is very easy and enjoyable to consume.

Most people would undoubtedly answer the sunflower seed, whichever is the most popular nut. It is preferred to spend more time. The benefits for health are not known. However, almost all types of sunflower seeds are extremely nutritious. Even a handful of sunflower seeds are worth a significant part of the daily vitamin requirement. Sunflower seeds are an excellent food source for vitamin deficiency and immune system. It can be safely consumed in addition to medical treatment for diseases caused by vitamin deficiency. Although the choice of nuts is diverse day by day, the location of the kernel is always different. Sunflower seeds, which are always consumed fondly by almost everyone, are the chat companions of different moments with their different varieties.


Turkish Sunflower seeds are also foods that have antioxidant properties. So, It has positive effects on cardiovascular health.

Nutritional Value of Sunflower Seeds

Nutritional Value% 100 Daily Value *

  • Calorie 584 kcal : 29.2%
  • Carbohydrate : 20.0 g 26.7%
  • Fiber : 8.6 g 34.4%
  • Protein : 20.8 g 41.6%
  • Fat : 51.5 g 79.2%
  • Cholesterol : 0.0 mg 0.0%
  • Vitamin A :50.0 IU 1.0%
  • Potassium :645.0 mg 18.4%
  • Calcium :78.0 mg 7.8%
  • Iron :5.3 mg 29.2%

We are also manufacturer and exporter of Turkish pistachio and Authentic Turkish delight.

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