turkish antep pistachio

Turkish Antep Pistachio

Wonderful Turkish Antep Pistachio Exporting

We are wholesaler and exporter of Turkish Antep Pistachios. We can supply every kind of pistachios.

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Turkish Pistachio Wholesaler
Turkish Pistachio Wholesaler

Our company has more than 50 years of experience on Turkish pistachios Antep and dried nuts. We are Turkish pistachios Antep  wholesaler. We are also exporter company of Turkish pistachios Antep for years. Our products are first quality. And our prices are always competitive. Our biggest goal is the satisfaction of our customers. We are always focused on long term businesses.

Turkish Pistachio Antep is one of the most delicious pistachio type in the world. Turkish Pistachio Antep grains are smaller than Iranin and USA pistachios. Iranian and USA pistachios mouths are already opened.

The kernel of pistachios seems that is ready to go out. However Turkish pistachios Antep mouths are closer. But taste of the Turkish Pistachios Antep is really delicious. Because of this, the companies or patisseries prefers in their sweets or cakes Turkish Antep Pistachios kernels.

In Turkey,  we use Turkish pistachio kernels in manufacturing of Turkish Antep baklavas, Luxury Turkish delights and all other sweets and cakes.


Turkish Antep pistachios are a delicacy enjoyed by people of all ages in all seasons. Most of the time, it’s a healthy snack. It is a complete joy to have a snack at work. Besides at home, on a visit to friends, or even make a healthy snack.

Nuts and natural dried fruits are extremely rich in terms of nutritional value says the nutritionists. They accelerate metabolism and strengthen the immune system.
It is a known fact that each nut has its own health aspects. Turkish pistachio Antep nuts is particularly rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E. It also contains plenty of iron, calcium, carbohydrate, phosphorus and protein.

roasted turkish antep pistachios
Roasted Turkish Antep Pistachios

We recommended to eat a handful of roasted turkish pistachios antep a day to get energy support. Especially people those who constantly feel tired or have difficulty focusing.

In the world, there is more emphasis on healthy eating. And food consumption habits are returning to the past. As awareness increases, people prefer healthier snacks such as nuts. And they quit consumption of snacks such as chips, crackers and biscuits that contain harmful additives.
Nowadays, people most commonly consume the pistachio as salted and roasted.



Turkish Pistachios Wholesaler
Turkish Pistachios Wholesaler

Turkish Pistachios Antep are harvesting end of August or first half of September. There is a soft, red color husk outside of pistachio. After harvesting the Turkish pistachios Antep, dried them under the sun naturally. When red husk dried, it covered the Turkish pistachios Antep and safe the product up to 2 years.
We firstly remove the red hust and open the closed pistachios. Than we produce salted and roasted Turkish pistachios Antep.

We pickle the shelled pistachios with salt. Then roasted and left to rest. Turkish Antep Pistachios is a very delicious nut. Final consumers prefer to eat Pistachios alone. But they can also prefer to consume with other nuts together.


turkish antep pistachio kernel perfect green
Turkish Antep Pistachios Kernel Perfect Green

Perfect green pistachio is a type of Turkish Antep Pistachios kernel. We are harvesting the pistachios before they are mature. Than removing kernels from the shell. Than obtaining Perfect Green Pistachio Kernel. Perfect green pistachio is the highest quality and most delicious Pistachio genus. Because of this, we are using perfect green kernel generally for producing Turkish Baklava. It has a very intense taste and aromatic flavor.


Turkish Antep Pistachios Kernel Mawardi
Turkish Antep Pistachios Kernel Mawardi

Mawardi type Turkish Antep Pistachios Kernel is second best quality kernels. For obtaining Mawardi type Antep Pistachio kernels, we are harvesting pistachios when they are almost ripe.

That is why, the color of mawardi is between perfect green type kernel and red yellowish type kernel. So, Mawardi type turkish pistachios Antep are kind of mixture of perfect green and red yellowish type kernels. We are using mawardi type pistachio kernel generally for making cakes, cookies, Turkish delight and Turkish halva.


pistachio kernel
Turkish Antep Pistachios Kernel Red Yellowish

It is a type of pistachio kernel obtained by fully maturing and harvesting of pistachio. That is why its color is full red. So, we called it Red Yellowish type Antep Pistachio Kernel. Generally, red yellowish type Antep pistachio kernels are consumed as snacks. Besides, we prefer Red Yellowish type pistachio kernel in halvas, chocolates and Turkish delight industries.


Turkish pistachios homeland is Turkey, Iran and Turkmenistan. In addition, Iran, America and Turkey are growing Turkish Pistachios. Because of this Turkey is one of the oldest country of Turkish Pistachios wholesale. The places where it grows most in our country are Gaziantep city. Besides Siirt, Şanlıurfa, Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman and Diyarbakır in the Southeastern Anatolia Region are also grower cities. This is because this region is extremely favorable in terms of climate and soil characteristics. Turkish Pistachios wholesale center is Gaziantep city in Turkey.

All types of pistachio are growing in our country. Generally, producers do not call pistachio green gold or gold tree for nothing. Indeed, Turkish pistachio provides great profit to the producer. Because the turkish pistachio tree is a frugal plant. Incredibly, it can grow even in stony, rocky, mineral-poor soils. Turkish pistachio trees can grow in fields that cannot be utilized in any way.


The most commonly grown Turkish Pistachio variety in our country is the UZUN type. Producers prefer this variety because it is green and delicious. It ripens in mid-September.

The yield of the trees is very high, but we consider that it is to be medium in quality.
Tekin, another type of Pistachio, is of very high quality and brings very good income. It requires a very hot climate and generally grows in Gaziantep.

raw dried pistachio
raw dried turkish antep pistachios

The earliest maturing type of pistachio is Barak Star. It mostly grows in the Gaziantep highlands.
Apart from these, there are also types of Turkish Pistachios Antep such as Red, Halebi, Ohadi and Siirt. Especially Siirt type is one of the best quality pistachios. More such species are sending outside the country. It is possible to buy products every year.

  • Halebi Type
  • Ohadi Type
  • Siirt Type

Approximately 40 percent of pistachio production is in Gaziantep and 33 percent in Şanlıurfa. Although we distribute as shelled pistachios, it is also as kernel pistachio in and out of the country.


According to a belief, in the Ottoman period, the Damascus port was using in order to send to other countries. Most of areas which are growing the pistachios do not have coast or port to the sea.

Because the Southeastern Anatolia Region did not have a coast. Damascus was both a port and a city of trade at that time. This is why the name of the pistachio that set out from here is calling as Damascus pistachio.

raw dried turkish antep pistachio
raw dried turkish antep pistachios


When we collect the pistachio from the tree, it has a red hard shell on it while it is in the fruit form. We called spalling to this process of separating and removing this shell. We do this process after the pistachios are dried and stored in our country. But we do it before they are processed and marketed. In Iran and America, it is done when the fruit is collected while it is still wet.

Pistachios are roasted at 150 degrees with or without salt before being marketed. If salt is to be added, a maximum of 0.9 percent salt is added to the roasted pistachios.

In order for pistachios to be offered to the consumer, the ends must be open. Peanut cracking machines are used for this. Pistachios are one of the hardest shelled fruits in the world. However, most of the time the peanut spontaneously cracks during ripening.

As a very delicate tree, pistachios obtained from the pistachio tree are more valuable when sold organically. Today in exporting pistachios Turkey is the world’s fourth of the importing country. In this sense, our company is Turkish pistachios wholesaler. We provides certified Turkish pistachios obtained from, Şanlıurfa and surrounding provinces, especially Gaziantep.

Pistachio Cultivation, Production, Manufacturing

In order to understand the quality of pistachio, it is necessary to observe the production storage conditions. This is very important before offering to sale. In this sense, our company attaches importance to the organic conditions of special pistachio trees for production. And it provides the necessary support for cultivation in these areas.

For this direction, there are farmers and garden areas with whom it has contracted. We are Turkish pistachios wholesaler which are organic and high quality. Turkish pistachios obtained as a result of this are offered for wholesale. Our pistachio varieties; It also meets the quality and taste expectations in the best way.


Pistachio, which is one of the valuable pistachio varieties grown in various regions of the world where hot climates dominate. In the process of processing to be presented to the local or national food market, the enterprise in question must meet some criteria.

Although most of these criteria are based on the relevant laws of the state. These laws can be expressed as criteria on which the enterprise also emphasizes. It is of great importance to preserve the basic natural structural features of pistachio’s form, taste, smell and color during the processing process. This is also important in terms of meeting customer expectations fully.


Successfully processed pistachios become suitable for wholesale. Accordingly, there are by-products that can be obtained with pistachios for the purpose. These products are mostly offered by patisseries or super markets; It can be expressed as types of sweets such as chocolate, cake. On the other hand, depending on the purpose of the buyer, it is also possible to sell it directly in packaging.

There are different consumption types of pistachios. It is also the most preferred form to be consumed as roasted and salted.

On the other hand, it is possible to consume it in a way that we express as “raw”. Raw pistachios are collected from the tree and consume before they are processed. Here again, the demands of the buyers come to the fore. Necessary procedures for peanuts can be made in line with the demands.


It will be preferred while providing pistachio; The company that is in the position of grower, processor and manufacturer should be selected correctly.

Conditions that determine the quality of service and reliability of a company are very important. Some of these can be listed as past experience, quality certificates, general service quality criteria, contracted suppliers. As a matter of fact, our company meets the sectoral expectations in this direction in the best way.

This returns to us as customer satisfaction and new cooperation agreements. At this stage, our company continues to improve itself continuously. It also participates in new projects and agreements in line with its product diversity and objectives of meeting customer demands in the best way possible.

We are wholesaler and exporter of Turkish Antep Pistachios. We are also wholesaler and exporter of Turkish Delight.

Please feel free to contact with us if any interest to our products



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