roasted turkish antep pistachio

How To Get Ready Wonderful Turkish Antep Pistachio

Turkish Antep Pistachio (Pistacia vera) is a shelled fruit from the gum tree (Anacardiaceae) family and can be eaten. It is a plant that can generally grow in arid regions. However, a higher yield is obtained when irrigated farming is done.

Roasted turkish Antep pistachio in shell is one of the perfect snack. It is very tasty and contains oils that are beneficial for bestowal health. Turkish Antep pistachios grown in USA and Iran have large grains due to their varieties.

turkish antep pistachio kernel perfect green
Turkish Antep Pistachio Kernel Perfect Green

The mouths of the pistachios are more open and the kernel of the pistachio seems to come out of the shell. However, in Turkish Antep pistachios, the grains are smaller and the mouths of the pistachios are more closed. Turkish Antep pistachios are more delicious compared to other varieties.

How To Obtain Powerful Turkish Antep Pistachio Kernel

turkish antep pistachio kernel mawardi
Turkish Antep Pistachio Kernel Mawardi

Red yellowish type turkish Antep pistachio kernel is a type of product which is separating the hard shells of pistachios for obtaining kernels. These nuts are harvesting in the 9th month of the year after ripening. Red yellowish type turkish Antep pistachio kernel is generally use in making chocolate and halva.

It is a pistachio that is obtained from the ripening of Ben pistachios to turn red. We get a lot of efficiency from this fruit, which loves hot weather, in scorching heat. Long winter days, when the temperature drops below -10 degrees, badly affects the pistachio trees. The next year is less efficient.

At the same time, it is necessary to be very careful while collecting pistachios from the tree. If it is collected by hitting the tree, the tree branches can be damaged. This causes less harvest for the next year. The existing oily shells gives extra flavor to the pistachio.


roasted turkish antep pistachio
Roasted Turkish Antep Pistachio

Pistachios, which we can eat them with and without shell. And we can also consume salting and roasting. If you say how to roast pistachios, the most consumed form of this fruit is actually roasted and salted pistachios. Before starting the roasting phase, it is necessary to separate the pistachios from their red shells.

The simplest way is to soak the pistachios with water and soften the shells. By rubbing the softened pistachios with a sieve with large holes, we ensure that the shells pass underneath. We start drying these pistachios we clean under the sun. After this stage, we proceed to the cracking process of the pistachios.

Most of the pistachios will be open from length to length, but if there are pistachios that are not open, we should open the pistachio with the help of a hammer without breaking them.

turkish antep pistachio kernel red yellowish
Turkish Antep Pistachio Kernel Red Yellowish

After the process, which we call grading, that is, after taking it into the soaking process, we heat the pistachios a little in the oven and ensure that the cracked shells are opened thoroughly. If you ask why we do this, we do it for better salting of pistachios when we move to the salting stage.

Then we sprinkle salt on them. We continue roasting in the oven, we have to check the pistachio from time to time. After the pistachios are as we want, we take them out of the oven. We need to cool it quickly so that it does not freeze and form deformities. After this process, keeping it in a dry place will keep it more delicious.

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