Properties Of Turkish Antep Pistachio

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roasted turkish antep pistachio
Roasted Turkish Antep Pistachio

Turkish Antep Pistachio is one of the most popular and consumed nuts. It is very tasty and very useful. Although we consume roasted Turkish Antep pistachio as a dried nuts, also used in the production of desserts and cakes. Turkish Antep Pistachio uses manufacturing Turkish baklava, Turkish delight, cakes and other sweets.

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turkish antep pistachio kernel perfect green
turkish antep pistachio kernel perfect green

Miraculous Properties of Pistachio

Health Benefits of Pistachio

In studies conducted by a group of scientists in a controlled manner on humans for the first time in Gaziantep University, it has been revealed that pistachios are very useful in preventing vascular occlusions and lowering cholesterol. During the study, 32 men were first on a Mediterranean diet for one month, and then 100 grams of Turkish pistachios were given with the same diet for another month.

In the examination of blood samples, it was determined that Turkish pistachios were more effective than walnuts in preventing vascular occlusion. At the same time, it has been determined that besides lowering bad cholesterol, it also increases the amount of antioxidants that prevent harmful toxins in the human body.

turkish antep pistachio kernel mawardi
pistachio kernel mawardi

Shelled Turkish Antep pistachios have miraculous properties in terms of human health. When compared in terms of nutritional values, it ranks second after hazelnuts with 55 percent fat content, while it ranks first among nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts with 23 percent protein, 16 percent carbohydrate and 3250 calories.

However, shelled turkish pistachios have a high rate of unsaturated fat and affect the metabolism positively when not consumed in high amounts. In addition, according to the research results mentioned above, pistachios have shown positive improvements in healthy young men in terms of blood sugar values and antioxidant properties.

turkish antep pistachio kernel red yellowish
pistachio kernel

Experts say that if consumed in certain amounts every day, Turkish Antep pistachios are very beneficial for human health. Moreover, in another study, it was found that when consumed as part of a healthy diet, turkish pistachios do not lose weight, contrary to what is known.

Shelled Antep pistachios, which are calculated as 560 calories in 100 grams, also contribute to the intelligence development of children. By the way, it is another known fact that it increases sexual power.

Are Shelled Turkish Antep Pistachios Prices Too High?

perfect green pistachio
turkish antep pistachio kernel perfect green

The homeland of pistachio is the Middle East. In our country, it grows mostly in and around Gaziantep. Turkish Antep Pistachios are produced by planting their unroasted seeds or by grafting some types of seedlings. A turkish pistachio tree yields an average of 10 kilos per year.

However, a tree begins to yield the best product about ten years after planting. It likes hot and arid climates. It is resistant to drought, frost and high temperatures. It does not want to be watered too much. It should be hoeed five or six times a year and cleaned of weeds. As you can see, it is not very troublesome to grow pistachios.

antep pistachio

Turkish pistachios are traded as roasted pistachio inshell, raw pistachio inshell, perfect green kernel, mawardi type Antep pistachio kernel, red yellowish type Antep istachio kernel.

Supply and demand detemines daily the Turkish Antep pistachio prices. Demand for Turkish pistachio is quite high in the domestic market. For this reason, prices constantly rise and this process continues until new crops arrived to the market.

raw pistachio
raw dried turkish antep pistachio

Last year, we harvest one hundred and twenty thousand tons of pistachio across the country. We harvest fifty two thousand tons only in Gaziantep. While, this year we harvest one hundred and seventy five thousand tons of pistachio in the country and seventy six thousand tons only in Gaziantep. This is a record production. Naturally, we expect some decrease in shelled pistachio prices.

Turkish pistachio has big demand all around the world. Expecially Italy import pistachio kernels and sell to pastry industry.


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