turkish antep pistachios

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Turkish Pistachios Wholesaler

We are a Turkish Pistachios wholesaler and exporter company. We are also an exporter of Authentic Turkish Delight, Roasted Turkish Sunflower Seeds, Other Dried Nuts, Dragees, and Spices.

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turkish antep pistachios
Turkish Antep Pistachios


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What is Turkish Antep Pistachio

Turkish Antep Pistachios are grown on pistachio trees belonging to the gum tree family. Turkish Antep Pistachios are among the fruits with a hard shell. Since Gaziantep is the first production of the Turkish Antep Pistachio area in our country, it is known as Antep Pistachio. All Turkish Pistachio wholesaler companies are in Gaziantep city. However, forty percent of the recent production is actually in Şanlıurfa. The motherland of Turkish Antep pistachio is Anatolia, and it is consumed by millions of people each year lovingly.

Turkish Antep Pistachio is recommended for the treatment of many diseases from diabetes to dry skin. It has also been clinically proven to aid weight loss. It is recommended by experts to consume certain amounts of pistachios daily for patients at risk of cancer. In addition, Turkish pistachios are recommended for the supplementation of nutrients such as B1, protein, and vitamins that the human body needs. Finally, it is worth mentioning that pistachios roasted over high heat can be consumed as dried nuts.

What Are the Benefits of Turkish Antep Pistachio?

turkish pistachios kernel mawardi
Turkish Pistachios Kernel Mawardi

Turkish Antep Pistachio, which is often misunderstood because it has an oily structure, can be very beneficial for the human body if used correctly and in moderation. In addition to eliminating the mineral deficiency in the body, it is known to be good for brain health and anemia problem. In addition, Turkish pistachios in Turkey are known to help reduce sugar levels for diabetics. Experts agree that Pistachio in Turkey also minimizes the risks of blood pressure and stroke.

Turkish Pistachio also has the ability to widen the veins. In this way, it can bring the flow of blood in the body to normal levels. In addition, it is seen as an invaluable blessing to keep the cholesterol level in balance. Thanks to the energy-enhancing nutrients it contains, it also contributes to brain health. It also plays an important role in strengthening the immune system.

What Are The Uses Of Turkish Pistachio?

turkish pistachio kernel perfect green
Turkish Pistachio Kernel Perfect Green

Turkish Pistachios are not consumed orally only as roasted pistachios. There are many alternative uses and formats. For example, the most popular consumption method for Turkish pistachios other than dried nuts is to drink the juice after boiling. In addition, it has been proven in clinical environments that the water that comes out is good for the skin and prevents aging.

Pistachio water, which plays an effective role in skin problems, plays an active role in the treatment of skin infections such as eczema and fungus as it supports the rapid healing of the skin. It is also known that pistachio juice protects nail health by rubbing it on the nails.

Are There Any Damages of Antep Pistachio?

turkish antep pistachios kernel red yollowish
Turkish Antep Pistachios Kernel Red Yellowish

Antep Pistachios are not a food that can be harmful when consumed to the extent specified by experts. However, it is also known that it can cause some complications in the body in case of excessive consumption. Since it has an oily structure, it is known that Antep pistachios gain weight if consumed too much. It can also cause the fat in the liver if consumed too much.

The protein values contained in it can cause allergic conditions by reacting to the substances in the immune system. For this reason, people with allergic problems should consume trace amounts of pistachios. Finally, it is recommended that women in pregnancy be selective about their consumption of pistachios and consult a specialist before consuming them.

Wholesale Of Roasted Pistachio Nuts

We are wholesale of roasted pistachio nuts. We wholesale Turkish Antep pistachio, roasted Turkish hazelnuts, Turkish sunflower seeds, Turkish pumpkin seeds, authentic Turkish delight, roasted chickpeas, and other dried nuts.

We are a Turkish Antep Pistachio wholesaler and exporter company. We are also an exporter of Authentic Turkish Delight, Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Other Dried Nuts, Dragees, and Spices.

For more details about our products, please feel free to call us.


Whatsapp: +90 5332460404
Email: cinarogluft@gmail.com

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