Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

Turkish pistachios Antep is also known as Damascus pistachio in some regions. Turkish Pistachios in Turkey grow on a tree that belongs to the gum tree family. Bittim (melengiç) tree, known as the wild pistachio tree, is a self-growing tree in nature. Today, it is planted on trees to be used as rootstock. When the self-grown Bıttım tree reaches a certain size, peanut grafting is applied to the tree. In this way, the tree turns into a pistachio tree.

Turkish Pistachios Wholesale
Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

Turkish pistachios Antep has continued its existence in this way for centuries. And increased the number of trees.

The pistachio tree is a very slow-growing tree. Under the old conditions, the pistachio tree would yield in 15-20 years. For this reason, someone who planted a pistachio tree would not be productive, and the child and grandchild would see the day of the tree. Pistachio trees, which can live for hundreds of years, are of very important economic value.

Pistachio trees do not yield every year. One year it yields, the next year it yields very little. This event is called the year of existence and the year of absence. Therefore, the average yield of pistachio is lower.

Pistachio tree care is very delicate. Improper pruning can set the tree back several years. The tree should be taken care of, it should be taken care of in time.

turkish pistachios kernel mawardi
turkish pistachios kernel mawardi

Turkish pistachio in Turkey is a product that can be grown even in arid and barren soil. Turkish pistachios were grown on such soils in the past. Today, however, it is possible to produce more efficiently thanks to the commercially established pistachio orchards. Irrigation and fertilization applied today increase peanut yield positively.

Pistachio, which is produced and sold in many forms, is very rich in vitamins E, B, and C.

Why Do We Call As Turkish Antep Pistachios?

turkish pistachio kernel perfect green
turkish pistachio kernel perfect green

The first pistachio factories were established in Gaziantep. Pistachios that are grown in and around Gaziantep were processed and made ready for consumption in factories located in Gaziantep. Turkish pistachio merchants were selling the processed pistachios and delivering them to consumers in other provinces. Therefore, Gaziantep is considered the center of Pistachio.

Today, Gaziantep has become an industrial city. Although agricultural areas remain outside the city, Gaziantep is the center of trade for pistachios.

What are the Nutritional Values of Turkish Pistachios?

Turkish pistachio, which is produced and sold in many forms, is very rich in vitamins E, B, and C.

Portion Amount: 100g
Calories (kcal) 562
Total fat45 g
Saturated Fat 6 g
Trans fat 0 g
potassium 1.025mg
Carbs 28 g
Dietary Fiber 10 g
Sugar8 g
Vitamin C5.6mg
Vitamin B61.7mg
Cobalamin 0 µg
Magnesium 121mg

Pistachio ranks second in terms of protein, calorie, and fat ratio when compared to fatty fruits such as hazelnuts, almonds, and peanuts.

What Are The Benefits of Turkish Pistachios?

turkish antep pistachios
Turkish Antep pistachios

Turkish pistachios in Turkey contain plenty of protein and minerals. It is a highly preferred nut because it contains substances that reduce the risk of chronic heart diseases and cancer. Raw pistachios do not raise cholesterol because they are high in unsaturated fat.

Pistachios are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants provide positive effects on human health.

turkish antep pistachios kernel red yollowish
Turkish Antep pistachios kernel red yellowish

It contains high calories.

It contains a small number of calories. Among the nuts, the lowest calorie product is Pistachio.

It helps maintain heart health.

It facilitates digestion. There is a risk of diarrhea when fresh pistachios are eaten too much.

It has aphrodisiac properties.

It increases the immunity of our body.

Turkish pistachio, which gives energy to the body, also relieves fatigue. It also strengthens the body and mind. It increases sexual power and ensures the regular functioning of the liver and intestine. Relieves kidney pain. It prevents heart diseases. It allows the body to develop. It is good for cough as it softens the chest. It reduces glucose absorption in the small intestine and prevents blood sugar from rising.

It helps the bladder sand to fall. 10-12 Pistachios, which are eaten daily, meet the body’s daily fat needs as well as 35% of the body’s daily protein, vitamin B1, and phosphorus needs. It also reduces the risk of heart disease as it lowers cholesterol.

It can also be used in diabetes mellitus. It clears inflammation in the lungs and relieves pain. It reduces the risk of stroke. It is good for depression. Turkish pistachios Antep, which is good against stomach and colon cancer, is richer in calories, potassium, iron, chromium, phosphorus, and fat than beef, walnuts, and hazelnuts, and is said to be more protein than meat.

Pistachio, which is a store of vitamin B1, protects the health of the nervous system, hair, skin, mouth, and liver. It is used in alternative medicine for the treatment of some diseases. Pistachio, which can be dried and stored for a long time, is a food that can be consumed every month of the year. It is a dried fruit that will be preferred by those who want to improve their body.

What Are The Varieties of Turkish Pistachios?

When you look at the Turkish Antep pistachio varieties, you will see that there are 7 different varieties.

Tekin; It is a quality variety and gives a high income.

Barak star; is the earliest maturing species. It is green and dark.

Red; It is an uncommon type of pistachio.

Aleppo; It is of very high quality and has a low yield.

Long; This species, which is quite common in our country, grows in large numbers. It is also very high in terms of yield.

Ohadi; Its quality is better than the Siirt variety. However, its efficiency is low.

Siirt; This type, which is considered to be the best quality in pistachio types, is more productive than the long type.

The harms of Turkish Antep pistachios: The health benefits are endless. However, when pistachios are consumed in excessive amounts, harm to the body is also seen. Cholesterol patients should not consume too many roasted peanuts. We recommend that you follow the doctor’s advice in this regard. Turkish pistachios, which have a very high-fat content, can cause acne and weight gain when consumed excessively. Other skin problems may also occur. Since there is a possibility of harming the baby during pregnancy, it is beneficial not to consume too much during this period. If it is consumed too much, an allergic problem may occur.

Wholesale Of Turkish Pistachio Nuts

Our company is engaged in the wholesale and export of Turkish pistachios in Turkey. Our company has been trading in roasted Turkish pistachios for many years.

Roasted Turkish Hazelnuts Wholesale

roasted turkish hazelnuts
roasted turkish hazelnuts

We wholesale and export roasted Turkish hazelnuts. Our country is the country that produces the most hazelnuts in the world. Our country produces seventy percent of the world’s total hazelnut production. Therefore, we are one of the leading countries in the production of high-quality Turkish roasted hazelnut kernels. Except for roasted hazelnuts, we wholesale shelled hazelnuts and raw hazelnuts. Please contact us for wholesale hazelnut sales and prices.

Shelled walnuts and walnut kernels

The most demanded walnut type in our country in recent years is Chandler walnut. Although Chandler walnut is imported from abroad, it is also grown in our country. Our company is engaged in the wholesale and export of shelled walnuts and butterfly walnuts.

Turkish Snacks Seeds Wholesale And Export Company

Turkish Sunflower Seeds
Turkish Sunflower Seeds

We are a wholesaler and exporter of Turkish sunflower seeds. Please feel free to contact us for prices.

In addition, we sell roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted chickpeas, raisins, and other nuts.

Roasted Turkish Pistachios Prices

Many different factors are taken into account when determining wholesale pistachio prices. Turkish pistachio wholesale prices are determined according to the supply and demand balance in the market. If the amount of unprocessed raw Turkish Antep pistachios is large in the market, pistachio prices will not increase. However, if the amount of Turkish pistachios in the market is high, it causes an increase in prices.

In some periods, the demand for Turkish Antep pistachios increases. For example, the consumption of Turkish pistachio and baklava increases during the months of Ramadan and close to the feast. Accordingly, the demand for pistachios increases. Pistachio wholesale prices rise during this period.

Wholesale Of Roasted Pistachio Nuts

We are wholesale roasted pistachio nuts and Turkish pistachio kernels. We have about 50 years of experience in this sector.

Will Wholesale Turkish Pistachio Prices Decrease?

Wholesale Turkish pistachio prices generally do not drop. Sometimes it does not increase and remains constant, but generally, it tends to increase.

In some years, when the next year’s harvest is certain, stock peanuts start to go on sale for fear that if the estimated quantity is too large, prices will drop. When too many raw pistachios hit the market, peanut prices automatically fall.

How to Order Roasted Turkish Pistachios?

Our customers who want to order wholesale roasted pistachios will be sufficient to contact us. We make our wholesale roasted Turkish pistachios quote. If we can agree on a price, we’ll ship the item right away. We have a retail sale of pistachios.

Pistachio Stuffed Wholesale Prices

There are three different kinds of pistachio kernels. One is the red interior that everyone knows. The Red kernel is the most consumed pistachio kernel, which is the most affordable in terms of price. It is also sold as red meat, roasted.

Another pistachio kernel variety is Neverdi. Neverdi is slightly more expensive than red inward rates. It is something between a gray interior and a red interior.

Boz interior is used in baklavas and desserts. It is the most expensive type of pistachio in terms of price.

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