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How to Grow Turkish Antep Pistachios

Pistachio in Turkey is a product grown especially in the southeast Anatolia region. Turkish Pistachios are grown in Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Aleppo, and the surrounding cities. In addition to this, Turkish pistachios cultivation has been carried out in different cities of our country in recent years.

Pistachio In Turkey
Pistachio In Turkey

The most pistachio production in the world is made in Iran and the USA. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the USA carried out studies on the saplings it bought from Iran. Thanks to modern agricultural techniques, the USA is among the two countries that grow the most peanuts today.

Our country ranks third in the world in Turkish pistachio cultivation.

Turkish Antep Pistachios differ from Iranian and US pistachios in terms of flavor. For this reason, pistachios are preferred more in the consumption of Turkish Antep pistachios.

France and Italy, where the pastry and dessert industries are intense, buy the pistachio kernel from our country. Italy processes the Turkish pistachio kernels, industrializes them, and sells them to European countries.

The Importance of Dried Nuts and Turkish Pistachio Nuts

turkish antep pistachios kernel red yollowish
Turkish Antep pistachios kernel red yellowish

We eat Turkish pistachios nuts with pleasure in the summer and winter seasons. It is a source of energy that we consume as an appetizer, accompany our happy moments, and eat as a snack. In addition, snacks such as roasted chickpeas, roasted hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, dried fruits, roasted sunflower seeds, and roasted pumpkin seeds are called nuts. Nuts are a source of energy in terms of their active ingredients, and fat and protein ratios. In addition, they contribute to the strength of the body’s resistance.

Shelled pistachios and roasted pistachios, which have a lot of benefits and energy value, have different places among nuts. Since these two nuts are in the peanut family and have high energy value and high carbohydrate content, they create a feeling of satiety. With these features, it is recommended to be eaten by dietitians.

Roasted Turkish Antep Pistachio Nuts In Bulk

Roasted Pistachio is subjected to a drying process by peeling the outer skin after the sieving and cleaning stages. After drying, it is roasted in the oven at 150 degrees with liquid salt. After the roasting process, the maximum salt rate should be 0.9%, which will not threaten human health. Since roasted pistachios are classified according to their size, after roasting, they are packed and packaged according to their sizes and sent to the nut shops.

How to Roast Turkish Antep Pistachio Nuts

When pistachio comes to the processing plant, it is sorted according to its quality. Blind, empty, and crooked pistachios are separated from quality pistachios by sorting. Light-colored and full peanuts are annealed with 3% salt in an oven pan at 100 degrees. The tempered (roasted) pistachios are packaged and packaged and made ready for sale.

Wholesale Of Roasted Pistachio Nuts  

Our company is engaged in the wholesale of roasted pistachio nuts. Our company exports roasted pistachios nuts. Roasted Pistachio nuts are exported in 25 kg bags. It also exports 10 kg cardboard boxes. Wholesale of roasted pistachio nuts is mostly done in Gaziantep.

Benefits Of Turkish Antep Pistachios

1) Pistachio, which has a very rich content in terms of A, B 1, B 2, B 6, C, and E vitamins, is also a very rich food source in terms of calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

2) Since it has been proven by scientific studies that pistachios have volatile fatty acids, it has also been proven to be beneficial in reducing LDL, which is bad cholesterol.

3) Due to its iron and calcium content, it provides healthy bone and intelligence development in children.

4) As Pistachio enables digestive enzymes to work effectively, it ensures that glucose absorption in the intestines continues in a healthy way.

5) With its active ingredients that regulate blood pressure, it prevents people with blood pressure disorders to have healthy blood pressure and to prevent sudden rises and falls.

6) Having essential oils and creating a feeling of satiety, prevents the occurrence of liver diseases by preventing fatty liver.

Roasted Pistachio, which has so many different benefits, is an indispensable product for nut lovers. You can get roasted pistachios from nut shops. Roasted Pistachio, which is sold plain and mixed, has addicts of all ages. Roasted Turkish pistachios, which are especially loved by children, are a type of nut that is recommended by dieticians to eat a handful before meals, consumed as an appetizer with alcoholic beverages, and sought after in entertaining conversations with family or friends.

Roasted Turkish Hazelnuts Wholesale And Exporter

roasted turkish hazelnuts
Roasted Turkish Hazelnuts

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