Pistachio In Turkey

Wholesale Turkish Pistachios in Turkey

Turkish Pistachios in Turkey

Turkish Pistachios in Turkey is a very important nut grown in Gaziantep and its surroundings. Pistachio is a widely consumed product in Turkey. Turkish Pistachios are not only used as nuts in Turkey. It is also used in the production of desserts and pastries.

Pistachio In Turkey
Pistachio In Turkey

Wholesale Of Roasted Pistachio Nuts

We are a company that wholesale of roasted pistachio nuts. Our products are high quality and prices are competitive. Wholesale of roasted pistachio nuts is our main business.

How to Grow Turkish Antep Pistachio

turkish pistachios wholesale
Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

Turkish Antep pistachio is generally grown by small farmers. Turkish Antep pistachio growers harvest them in August or September of every year.

What is Harvesting Quantity This Year?

This year there was very cold air in April and May. Also, there was hail felt when the flowers of pistachio trees were just seen on trees. So there is too much damage to pistachio trees. But we keep our hope about the harvest level of Turkish Antep pistachio.

 What Are The Features of Turkish Snack and Nuts

wholesale of roasted pistachio nuts
Wholesale Of Roasted Pistachio Nuts

Nuts are a wonderful delicacy that people of all ages enjoy with pleasure in all seasons. It is often a healthy Turkish snack seeds. We can consume Turkish snack seeds at work, at home, visiting friends, or on the go. It is even possible to turn it into a healthy snack.

Nutritionists state that nuts are very rich in nutritional value. They report that these accelerate human metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

It is known that each dried nut has its own healthy nutritional value. Turkish Antep Pistachios are especially rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E. It also contains plenty of iron, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, and protein.

When Turkish pistachios nuts are consumed raw, they have beneficial effects on the human body. It is recommended to consume a handful of Turkish pistachios nuts a day to get energy support, especially for those who constantly feel tired or have difficulty focusing. Roasted Turkish Pistachios nuts can also be consumed. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of salt in the roasted pistachios.

In the world, more emphasis is placed on healthy nutrition. There is a return to the past in food consumption habits. As awareness rises, people reduce their consumption of foods that are harmful to health and contain additives. He prefers healthier snacks such as pistachios and hazelnuts, especially instead of snacks such as chips, crackers, and biscuits.

Today, pistachios from Turkey are widely consumed all over the world. Roasted Turkish Pistachios in Turkey are the most preferred nuts.

Where Is Homeland Of Pistachios and Varieties of Pistachio

The homeland of pistachios is Turkey, Iran, and Turkmenistan. Pistachio is mostly grown in Iran, America, and our country. The places where pistachios in Turkey grows the most in Southeastern Anatolia Region are Gaziantep, Siirt, Şanlıurfa, Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman and Diyarbakır. This region is extremely favorable in terms of climate and soil characteristics.

All kinds of Turkish Antep pistachios are grown in our country. Manufacturers call pistachios in Turkey green gold. Pistachio production is quite difficult. Tree care is laborious and risky. Despite this, it provides a great profit to the producer in the years when the productivity is high. The Pistachio tree is a contented plant. It can grow in stony, rocky, mineral-poor soils. However, its commercial efficiency is low. Therefore, it is necessary to apply modern agricultural techniques.

Uzun is the most widely grown pistachio variety in our country. It is preferred by the producers because it is green and delicious. It ripens in mid-September. The yield of the trees is very high but is considered average in terms of quality.

Tekin, another pistachio variety, is of very high quality and generates a very good income. It requires a very hot climate and generally grows in Gaziantep.

The earliest maturing variety of pistachio is Barak Star. It grows mostly in the Gaziantep highlands.

Apart from these, there are different types of pistachios such as Red, Aleppo, Ohadi, and Siirt. Especially the Siirt type is one of the best quality pistachios. This species is mostly sent abroad. It is possible to buy products every year.

Approximately 40 percent of pistachio production is made in Gaziantep and 33 percent in Şanlıurfa. Although it is distributed as shelled pistachio, it is also marketed as a pistachio kernel inside and outside the country.

Why Is It Called Damascus Pistachio?

The Gaziantep region was connected to the province of Damascus during the Ottoman period. At that time, Damascus was both a port and a trading city. Pistachio cultivation was carried out in Syria and Antep. “Turkish pistachio wholesale” was taking place from the Damascus region. For this reason, it was named Damascus nut. Since the pistachio processing facilities were concentrated in the Antep region in the period after the republican period, Gaziantep became the center of the pistachio trade. Over time, the product took the name Pistachio.

What Does Pistachio Roasting Mean?

When pistachios are collected from the tree, there is a red hard shell on them when they are in fruit form. The process of removing this shell by separating is called scaling. This process is done after the pistachio is dried and stored in our country, but before it is processed and presented to the market. In Iran and America, it is made when the fruit is still fresh when it is collected.

 Before being put on the market, pistachios are roasted at 150 degrees with or without adding salt. If salt is to be added, a maximum of 0.9 percent salt is put into the roasted pistachios.

 In order for the pistachio to be offered to the consumer, the ends must be open. Peanut cracking machines are used for this. Pistachios are one of the hardest-shelled fruits in the world. However, most of the time, peanut cracks spontaneously during ripening.

Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

As I mentioned before we are a Turkish pistachio wholesale company. Our company is located in Turkey. Besides Turkish pistachio wholesale, we are also an exporter company. We export Turkish pistachio nuts and other dried nuts.

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