Authentic Turkish Delight

What Is the Importance Of Authentic Turkish Delight

Authentic Turkish Delight has a deep and special place in the memory of every Turkish people. We are serving it on holidays and special occasions. Traditional Turkish Delight has a special place compared to other desserts.

Authentic Turkish Delight
Authentic Turkish Delight

Children are often offered sweets. It also has low cost. Also, the risk of polluting the environment is low. On special occasions, Authentic Turkish delight is also included in the catering feast. There is always Traditional Turkish delight among the best memories of our childhood. I remember the delicious Authentic Turkish delight that our grandmother served us. Our holidays would be more meaningful. Eating Traditional Turkish delight with our tiny hands was the most indispensable taste in the world for us.

The beautiful traces that such memories leave in our souls can still be a reason for happiness. He remembers those sweet days when he was in similar environments. These memories warm our hearts.

What Is The Importance OF Turkish Delight in History?

Traditional Turkish Delight
Traditional Turkish Delight

Turkish delight also has a very important place in Turkish history. It was indispensable for the people of the palace during the Ottoman period. In the palace, they produce Luxury Turkish delight specially by the best masters. It was indispensable for coffee treats in the palace. It was also one of the best ways to meet people’s sweet needs.

Apart from the palace, it was a dessert that the people in good financial situation could not give up. We generally serve Turkish delight with bitter Turkish coffee. Turkish Delight with Pistachio adds a distinct flavor to the coffee. But, at that time, both coffee and Turkish delight were very valuable products. They were not products that every family could buy.

When Did Coffee Come To Ottoman Empire?

Turkish coffee comes to the Ottoman state in 1550. They open the first coffeehouse was in those years. By this way Ottoman people get acquaint with coffee. It didn’t take long time for getting involve with coffee. Everyone quickly adopted the taste of bitter coffee. And the number of coffeehouses has increased. European origin traders carried the coffee to Europe from Ottoman Empire. Then the whole world met with coffee. Today, companies produce dozens of different types of coffee. Hundreds of world-renowned coffee companies serve around the world.

Today, people prefer the Authentic Turkish delight as a gift. It is necessary to bring a gift when going to visit on special days and holidays. You can’t go to visit someone you know without a gift. It is against our traditions. When you hear that a friend is sick, you go to visit. You can’t go to this visit without a gift. Turkish delight is among the most preferred gifts.

Why Tourists In Turkey Prefer Loqum For Present?

Tuorists prefer traditional Turkish delight is as a touristic item. Foreign tourists buy Turkish delights when they fly back to home. Sometimes they take it for their own consumption. Sometimes they take it as a gift. Turkish delight is more durable than other sweets. For example, baklava should consume within a week. Otherwise, will break. But, Turkish delight can last for more than six months. We can store it for a year if the storage conditions are good enough. So people mostly prefer it.

Lokum is one of the indispensable desserts of Turkish cuisine. It has been adopted by everyone because it has been produced for centuries. There are Turkish delights produced with unique flavors in each region. There are very big brands that are known throughout the country. But, there are small manufacturers which are not known yet. They are also producing high quality Turkish delights

Turkish delight has become a product recognized by the whole world in the last sixty years. Turkish delight manufacturers and wholesalers export it to the whole world.

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