Authentic Turkish Delight

How People Can Buy Authentic Turkish Delight

Our company produces, wholesale and exports Authentic Turkish delight with rose, pistachio, pomegranate and others. In addition, we exports Turkish Antep pistachios, Turkish Antep baklava, roasted Turkish sunflower seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, spices and dragees.

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Authentic Turkish Delight Pistachio is a very special recipe from the Ottoman Empire to the present day. In Ottoman Turkish, its word meaning means relieving the throat. Indeed, it has a structure that refreshes the throat as it eats. It offers you comfort with its fresh texture in the mouth. You get the opportunity to refresh.

Luxury Turkish Delight
Luxury Turkish Delight

Rose Turkish Delight in the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. also came out there. Since this period, Turkey ‘continues its existence. Rose Turkish delights have been flavored with different versions over time. For this reason, a Luxury Turkish delight does not have a single type.

There are hundreds of varieties. Luxury Turkish delight is now called Rose Turkish delight because the Turks find hundreds of varieties of Turkish lokum. The main reason why it is a Luxury Turkish delight is that the Turks have found it and the Turks have diversified this delight. Turks have a great role in introducing it to the world.

Rose Turkish Delight With Pistachio

Rose Turkish delight pistachio is a wide variety of products that our company offers for you. Thanks to this, the taste that has existed for centuries has been reinterpreted for you. Authentic Turkish delight options are offered in many different types and versions, including plain Turkish delight, pistachio delight, almond delight, hazelnut delight, pomegranate delight, rose Turkish delight, and mint delight.

In this way, it is possible to select and send delights with a wide range of varieties in accordance with the taste. Due to the continuous Turkish delight trade, the delights that are sold are not expected. It goes directly from production to sales. This ensures that fresh products reach the customer instantly.

Turkish Delight With Pistachio

Turkish delight with pistachio is the Turkish delight made with pistachios. As is known, the Turkish pistachios Antep grows in Turkey in Gaziantep region. Roasted Turkish Antep Pistachio, which is a processed form of pistachio very delicious snack and we always prefer it.

There is also Turkish pistachio kernels like Mawardi type pistachio kernel and perfect green type turkish Antep pistachio. We mixed them with plain Turkish delight. Then a new type is obtained with the name of Turkish Delight with Pistachio or Pistachio Turkish Delight.

Pomegranate Turkish Delight

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Pomegranate is a fruit of great importance in Ottoman cuisine. Turkish delight with pomegranate is also a delicious delight that has survived from Ottoman cuisine. The main reason why Turkish delight with pomegranate is pink or red is the color of the pomegranate. Food dyes are not used in these products. You can also choose these products that are 100 percent organic, fresh and reliable.

Why People Find Them Very Delicious

Rose is an indispensable plant of Ottoman cuisine. Rose has a different place with rose syrup, rose desserts and rose sherbets. It is both a beautiful flower and a beautiful food. Rose jam is of great importance as the chief taste of desserts. It is a plant that has many health advantages such as skin beauty and skin freshness from the Ottoman palaces.

Rose cultivation is also famous in Turks. Therefore, it would be wrong not to have lokum when such a famous plant has been the subject of kitchens. Rose Turkish delight has also emerged in this way. Authentic Turkish delight is always most peferred type of our delights.

Authentic Turkish delight pistachio also has a religious dimension. Rose Turkish delight is served during circumcision, religious ceremonies and religious ceremonies. When a baby is born, rose delight is served at weddings and happy moments. Rose Turkish Delight has both a refreshing taste and a refreshing scent. It has a calming effect. It whitens the skin. It helps the skin to become beautiful and soft.

whatsapp: +90 5332460404

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