Authentic Turkish Delight

Why People Love The Turkish Delight Pistachio

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Authentic Turkish Delight
Authentic Turkish Delight

Rose Turkish Delight Pistachio and Others

The history of rose Luxury Turkish delight pistachio goes back to Ottoman cuisine. Resisting Ottoman cuisine in the 15th century, authentic Turkish delight started to be consumed with the intention of healing, and later it is a flavor that has made a name for itself with its taste all over the world.

This unique flavor, which was transported to Europe by a European traveler in the 18th century, thus had the opportunity to be recognized as “Authentic Turkish Delight pistachio” all over the world. Turkish delight with pistachio, which was frequently consumed for sore throats in the Ottoman period, was a special flavor among the sultans.

Today, especially Luxury Turkish delight pistachio, which is an integral part of coffee presentations, has become a flavor that is consumed all over the world. It is divided into many types according to the type of materials used in the production of Turkish lokum, their aroma, and the stage of making the lokum. It is possible to find a type of Authentic Turkish delight suitable for every taste.

Types of Turkish Delight

Luxury Turkish Delight
Luxury Turkish Delight

There are many types of Turkish delight, which are legendary. Traditional Turkish delights are divided into different categories according to the fruits, flavors, and type of material used in the production process. At the same time, there are different types of traditional Turkish delight according to the production stage. The general types of the world-famous Turkish delight are as follows;

Types Of Turkish Delight
Types Of Turkish Delight
  1. Plain Turkish Delight
  2. Rose Turkish Delight Pistachio
  3. Turkish Delight with Pomegranate
  4. Turkish Delight with Hazelnut
  5. Turkish Delight with Turkish Antep Pistachio
  6. Double Roasted Turkish Delight
  7. Chocolate covered Turkish delight
  8. Sultan’s delight
  9. Mint flavored Turkish delight
  10. Hurrem Sultan Turkish delight
  11. Kösem Sultan Turkish Delight
  12. Tahini Turkish Delight
  13. Turkish Delight with Buffalo Cream
  14. Turkish Delight with Fig and Walnut
  15. Turkish Delight with Almond
  16. Hazelnut wrapped Turkish delight
  17. Kadayif covered Turkish delight
  18. Powdered pistachio covered Turkish delight
  19. Lemon flavored Turkish delight
  20. Forest fruit delight
  21. Turkish Delight with Raisins
  22. Rose leaf and pistachio Turkish delight
  23. Orange Delight
  24. Drop chocolate Turkish delight
  25. Turkish Delight with Coconut
Traditional Turkish Delight
Traditional Turkish Delight

There are hundreds of different types of Turkish delight produced in our country. But the most preferred and consume ones are rose traditional Turkish delight pistachio, pomegranate Turkish delight, and authentic Turkish delight with pistachios.

In addition to the many types of Turkish delight listed above, there are also different types of delight with different aromas and content. Among all these delights, the oldest and traditional ones are Turkish delight with rose and plain Turkish delight. This special flavor, which is famous all over the world, changes day by day, different types of delight are created by adding different ingredients and fruits.

Why Turkish Delight With Rose Pistachio Mostly Consume?

authentic turkish delight
Authentic Turkish Delight

Plain and Turkish delight with rose pistachio is among the most preferred and consumed Turkish delight types. The unique smell of rose Turkish delight leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth of those who eat its aroma. As well as rose-flavored to rose-flavored Turkish delights, there are also more elegant rose-flavored Turkish delights accompanied by rose petals.

The quality of a delight is linked to the quality of the materials used, and the skill of the company that produces it. doing business in Turkey with mastery and dedication has many Turkish delight manufacturers. The world-famous Turkish delight is among the tastes that are consumed fondly in many continents, especially in Europe.

Turkish Sweets Prices

turkish sweets online
Turkish Sweets Online

Turkish delight prices vary according to the materials used and the mastery in the production phase. While the prices of Turkish delights with pistachio, hazelnut, and walnut are slightly higher, those with plain fruit flavor are more affordable. Turkish delight prices vary according to the quality of the producers, and the type and quality of the materials used in the delight. Rose Turkish delight pistachio, delight pistachio in Turkey, hazelnut, and almond delight are both varieties and Turkey are among the most frequently purchased delight kind in the world.


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