Turkish Pumpkin Seeds

How to Get The Best Benefits From Awesome Raw Pumpkin Seeds?

Turkish pumpkin seeds are obtained by drying the seed inside the pumpkin. The Turkish pumpkin seeds are generally consumed as nuts in our country. Turkish pumpkin seeds are consumed roasted or raw.

Turkish roasted pumpkin seeds are one of the most consumed nuts. It is very delicious. It is also very useful. Turkish salted pumpkin seeds are the most preferred variety. Also, unsalted pumpkin seeds are also preferred. Blood pressure patients prefer unsalted roasted pumpkin seeds.

export pumpkin seeds
export pumpkin seeds

Raw pumpkin seeds are very useful. Raw pumpkin seeds are a source of fiber. Fibrous foods regulate our intestinal system. The proper functioning of the intestinal system is very important. The gut is also called the second brain. We know that the intestines connect to the brain.

The proper functioning of the intestines also affects our psychological state. There are trillions of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora. We called these bacterias microbiota. Disruption of intestinal flora can cause many different health problems.

What Are The Causes Of Disruption Of Intestinal Flora

Turkish Pumpkin Seeds
Turkish Pumpkin Seeds
  • To give birth
  • Antibiotic use
  • Insufficient fluid consumption
  • To smoke
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Malnutrition. Consuming unnatural fast food.
  • Not consuming fiber foods.

Intestinal flora may be affected due to one or more of the above reasons. Deteriorated intestinal flora causes the intestinal system to not function. Because of this, we may encounter different health problems in our bodies.

How Can We Fix The Intestinal Flora With Turkish Pumkin Seeds?

There are many ways to restore intestinal flora. One of them is to consume fiber foods. Raw pumpkin seeds are a source of fiber. Daily consume 50 grams of raw pumpkin seeds. This ensures the regular functioning of our intestines. After using it for a certain period of time, it is necessary to take a short break.

This way we confuse our guts. Consuming the same food creates a habit in our bodies. After a while, the benefit to our body begins to decrease. Turkish raw pumpkin seeds are also very beneficial for the prostate. Researches show us that that raw pumpkin seeds reduce prostate problem.

Other Foods That Restore The Intestinal Flora

  • Homemade vinegar
  • Pickles produces at home.
  • Naturall yogurt made at home
  • Kefir bought from natural farms.
  • Not consuming or consuming very little bakery products
  • Consuming plenty of grown vegetables. When purchasing, we should choose non-GMO natural vegetables.
  • Consuming the meat of animals bred in natural environments. The meat of sheep fed by eating grass in the mountains is very useful.
  • Consuming sugary foods affects intestinal flora. Thus, we need to be careful when consuming bakery products. But, we should not consume foods such as all kinds of sweet cakes and cookies. Besides, every fruit contains sugar. Consuming excessive fruit will affect our intestinal flora.
  • Exercising makes our intestinal system work more. Besides, our blood circulation accelerates during exercise. Our heartbeat quickens. More oxygen enters the body. Oxygen circulates throughout our bodies. This is very important for our health.

Our health is very important to us. In general, when we are in good health, we do not know the value of it. But, once our health deteriorates, it is sometimes not possible to recover again. We have to live with chronic diseases. These are diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol for life. While our health is good, it is the right choice to eat natural foods. Thus, we protect our health. And we lead a comfortable life.

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