roasted turkish hazelnuts

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Turkish Hazelnuts Wholesale

Roasted Turkish hazelnuts are very popular in our country. Turkish hazelnut is among the most consumed hard-shelled fruits in the world. Hazelnut is generally used in the world as cocoa hazelnut cream and in the cake and chocolate industry. Turkish hazelnuts are not preferred as nuts in the world.

roasted turkish hazelnuts
Roasted Turkish Hazelnuts

Roasted Turkish hazelnuts are also consumed as nuts in our country. Roasted Turkish hazelnuts are consumed in mixed nuts. Roasted Turkish hazelnuts are also consumed plain.

Hazelnuts are rich in vitamins E, K, and C, minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, and protein.

Hazelnut production in the world is around 900000 tons. Our country is the world leader in hazelnut production in the world. Our country produces 60% of the world’s hazelnut production.

Turkish Hazelnut Is A Miracle From The Black Sea

Turkish Hazelnut is an important energy source. Roasted Turkish hazelnuts are the perfect food for both mental and physical fatigue. Nuts consumed raw are more beneficial. Raw hazelnuts are very rich in beneficial vitamins. It is seen that the values ​​of some beneficial oils and vitamins decrease during the roasting process of roasted hazelnuts.

However, the consumption of roasted Turkish hazelnuts is also beneficial. You can consume hazelnuts as raw or roasted hazelnuts. One of the foods that you should consume on a daily basis, especially for your children in the age of growth and development, is hazelnut. It is recommended that athletes consume a handful of hazelnuts daily to get energy. This nut, which fights cardiovascular diseases, has a cholesterol-lowering effect. It reduces the complaint of anemia.

This nutrient, which regulates heart rhythm, has many other benefits. It can also be used in milk and chocolate desserts because it is very tasty. It is used as a decoration and additive in cakes, pastries, and sorbet desserts. It is used in Ashura, pudding, baklava, and other traditional desserts. In our country, everyone from 7 to 70 consumes it with great pleasure.

Turkish Hazelnut is grown in the northern part of our country. It can be grown in regions of the world that have the climatic conditions of the Black Sea region.

Wholesale of Turkish Hazelnuts

Our company is engaged in wholesale Turkish hazelnut sales. You can contact our company for wholesale hazelnut sales. Our company sells 13/15 size hazelnuts in Giresun and Rize quality. Our company is engaged in the sale of raw wholesale hazelnuts and roasted wholesale hazelnuts.

You can order wholesale hazelnuts for personal or commercial use.

Roasted hazelnuts to consume with your family or guests during tea time, or to double their flavor and to use in Turkish delight production, would be the more ideal option. If you want it to preserve its freshness for a long time, you should choose shelled hazelnuts. If you want to prefer it as a snack to keep dust during the day, salted hazelnuts can be preferred.

Our company exports roasted hazelnuts. For foreign demands coming raw or roasted

After the first meeting with the companies that want to buy hazelnuts from abroad, we make a price offer. In our price offer, product specifications, packaging details, product quantity, and other conditions are specified. After payment, we export hazelnuts by ship or road.

Companies that want to buy hazelnuts have many options. For this reason, there are important issues that importer companies should pay attention to. Importing companies should carefully research the quality and price of goods.

 Roasted Turkish Hazelnut Wholesale Service

Hazelnut is the most valuable and fruitful gift that nature has given to humanity among the types of nuts. Adding a unique flavor to meals or desserts, hazelnut is the most valuable food for human health because it has the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body. This food, which is used both from itself and from its oil, is grown with great effort. We can send roasted hazelnuts all over the country with wholesale opportunities. If you want to buy all hazelnut varieties in the best quality and fresh way, you should definitely choose the brands that offer the best quality service.

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