Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

How Was Her Trip To The Turkish Pistachios Fields

How Was The Trip To The Turkish Pistachio Fields

Zeynep was very excited because of the closing of schools. Her teacher had given her homework for the summer vacation. The subject of the assignment was Turkish pistachios wholesale. Zeynep was very excited about doing her summer homework. Because they were going to Gaziantep, the city where her father was born.

Turkish Pistachios Wholesale
Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

He was very happy to embark on a new adventure. He was very curious about Gaziantep, where her father was born, and wanted to see it. He was waiting for morning to come and go. All preparations were completed and they were ready for the journey. Zeynep was on the road with her best friend Bobo. He was telling Bobo that he was very happy to go to her favorite Turkish pistachio food city and that he would eat a lot of Turkish pistachios there.

On the way, she dreamed of pistachio trees all the way. And she thought she was running through the trees. Whenever she wished, she would stretch out her hand and pick Turkish pistachios and eat them. How much was left to her parents constantly during their travels? Are we going to my grandfather’s Turkish pistachios fields? Can I eat as many Turkish pistachios as I want? He couldn’t wait for the time to pass quickly by asking such questions.

Zeynep had finally arrived in Gaziantep, their hometown that she was most curious about. She felt quite happy and enchanted, and she ran to her grandfather.

Zeynep: Grandpa, can you take me to the Turkish Antep pistachios fields?

Grandpa: wait girl, take a rest, you just came back.

Zeynep: Grandpa please I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time?

Her mother: It’s evening, Zeynep, we’re both tired, leave your grandfather alone, we’ll go tomorrow morning.

Zeynep unhappily took Bobo and sat in the chair opposite. He had to wait another night to see the Antep pistachios fields and eat them. When Zeynep opened her eyes, it was already morning and voices were coming from outside. He immediately jumped out of bed and changed her clothes. He ran out into the garden. All family members were at the head of a delicious breakfast table.

Mom: good morning, am I awake? Come on, have breakfast.

Zeynep: ok, but after breakfast, we will go to the Turkish pistachio field, arent we grandfather?

A laugh came from the table, and Zeynep was looking at them in bewilderment.

Grandfather: of course, we will go, my beautiful grandson, you come and have a nice breakfast, you will need energy.

Zeynep: Bye-bye, let’s go have my breakfast right away.

Grandfather: Zeynep, I will take you to another place where there are lots of pistachios.

Zeynep looked at her grandfather with curious eyes and started to think about the place he was talking about. Together with Bobo, they got into her grandfather’s car. They set out for the Turkish pistachio fields. Zeynep was very excited because she was finally going to the Turkish Antep pistachios fields that she dreamed of and wanted so much.

Grandfather: Here we are, my little Zeynep, you can do whatever you want.

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Zeynep entered this vast field of Turkish Antep pistachios. He started jogging happily. He had finally achieved her dream. Turkish Pistachio trees were quite large and showy. They looked like Turkish pistachio trees in her imagination. She spent hours here with Bobo and her grandfather. He asked many questions about Turkish pistachios and took note of them.

Her grandfather then took her to his Turkish pistachios wholesale shop and told him what they did with that many pistachios. Her grandfather had been dealing with Turkish pistachios wholesale for years. Her grandfather’s father was also engaged in the wholesale of roasted pistachio nuts. Zeynep was quite surprised when she heard that her grandfather sent pistachios in Turkey and even to a large part of the world.

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