Turkish Sunflower Seeds

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Sunflower seeds are the seeds of the sunflower plant. Turkish Sunflower seeds are among the most produced and consumed plants in the world. Sunflower seeds are divided into two types edible and oily.

Turkish Sunflower Seeds
Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower oil is among the most preferred oils in the world. It is preferred because of its affordable price and good taste.

Edible Turkish sunflower seeds are generally consumed as nuts. Sunflower seeds grown around the world are roasted in accordance with the taste of each country and its own culture. Consumption of salted roasted sunflower seeds and sauced sunflower seeds is quite high.

Sunflower seeds are grown in our country. Turkish sunflower seeds are long and thin. Turkish sunflower seeds are white in color. The Turkish sunflower seeds kernel is not very large. However, it is very good in taste. Roasted Turkish sunflower seeds are exported to many countries of the world.

Turkish Snacks Seeds
Turkish Snacks Seeds

In recent years, Dakota-type, black color sunflower seeds imported from abroad have been planted. For this reason, the production and consumption of black Dakota sunflower seeds is increasing day by day throughout our country.


ITC sunflower seeds exports white and black Turkish sunflower seeds grown in our country.

The sunflower seed plant is a kind of fruit of Turkish snacks seeds. It is used in oil production because it contains a lot of oil. At the same time, the name of this plant, which is indispensable next to tea, is called sunflower seed or Turkish snacks seeds among the people. There are many varieties of this product, even with salt, without salt, or with sauce. The person who wants chooses and consumes the one that suits his/her taste.

However, Turkish snacks seeds are not good for people with acne-prone skin as it contains too much oil, because they can also cause acne by causing oiliness on the skin. The reason why the sunflower is called a Turkish snacks seeds is that it is round like the moon and because it evokes light. When buying Turkish seed snacks, we should buy them from a reliable place and from a place that complies with the standards.

Another point is that when we roast the kernel, the amount of oil increases, so it is recommended by experts to eat the kernel raw. Turkish Sunflower seeds (Turkish seed snacks) contain two nutritional components that strengthen cardiovascular health. These nutritional components are vitamin E and folate. It also helps to strengthen the immune system because it contains rich magnesium.

It also contains selenium, zinc phosphorus, copper, zinc, and iron. In this way, it ensures that blood sugar and blood cholesterol are kept in balance. Turkish sunflower seeds (Turkish seeds snacks), which are consumed as one-fourth of a glass, meet sixty percent of our daily vitamin E needs.

The edible part of 1 cup of sunflower seeds in Turkey is 46 grams and an average of 269 calories. It contains 9.7 grams of protein, 9.1 grams of carbohydrates, and 23.6 grams of fat. Sunflower seeds do not choose a lot of soil. It is only like rich soils that do not have much water density in the soil. Sunflower seed does not like acidic soils, but if you want to grow it in acidic soil, you should mix some lime into your soil.

Another thing you should pay attention to when watering the sunflower seed is to keep the water only on the ground part of the sunflower, not on the head parts of the sunflower seed. The suitable environment for the sunflower to grow should be between 21-14 degrees, below -4 degrees, the sunflower mostly freezes.

Which Food Group Does Sunflower Seeds Enter?

The part of the sunflower seed is Magnoliophyta, which means closed seeds. The class of sunflower seeds is Magnoliopsida, which means dicotyledons. The constellation of the lunar core is the Asterales. And finally, it is from the Asteraceae family, which means daisy.

What is the Production and Origin of Sunflower Seed in Our Country?

The root of the moon’s core is based in North Africa. Its homeland in the Americas. In our country, the domestic sunflower seed produced as oil is grown in the Tekirdağ region of the Marmara region. Sunflower seeds, which are produced as seeds, are concentrated in the Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia regions, but the production is provided in other regions, albeit a little.

What is the Market for Sunflower Seeds?

The prices of sunflower seeds are determined according to the market conditions and the supply-demand balance. If the amount of crop in that year is high, the prices will be lower. In addition, if the amount of production in the world is high, the prices will be low. However, if the production amount in the world and in our country is low, the prices will be high because the demand for sunflower seeds will be high.

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