Export Turkish Pumpkin Seeds

What Are The Benefits Of Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

The soil type and climate of our country are very suitable for pumpkin seeds. It is grown in enough, especially in the Central Anatolian part. Roasted pumpkin seeds consume too much in our country.

Export Turkish Pumpkin Seeds
Export Turkish Pumpkin Seeds

People consume roasted pumpkin seeds as a snack. We export roasted pumpkin seeds to the Middle East and Mediterranean countries.

Pumpkin seeds are a very useful product. Raw pumpkin seeds make the intestines work faster.

Pumpkin seeds contain rich in vitamin E. It is also an iron-rich food. It is also important for brain health. We recommend consuming 50 g of pumpkin seeds every day. In this way, it meets the body’s need for zinc. Pumpkin seeds strengthen memory.

What Are The Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds

We know that roasted pumpkin seeds are one of the eight most beneficial miracle foods in the world. We can provide the oil and magnesium needed for our body from pumpkin seeds.

Turkish Pumpkin Seeds
Turkish Pumpkin Seeds

It’s cheap and easy to find, making it a great snack. It is important for body balance as an antioxidant and fiber source. Studies have shown that pumpkin seeds are beneficial against some types of cancer. It is also known to have a protective effect against heart diseases.

Pumpkin seeds have the feature of increasing sperm quality in men. We know that it increases fertility in women. Pumpkin seeds are also an important source of nutrients for intestinal health. It helps to get rid of parasites in the intestine from the body. Besides, it has positive effects against prostate and urinary disorders.

But, this food should be consumed in moderation. If consumed in excess, it can cause some digestive problems. It can cause you to gain weight.

People with stomach ailments 50 g per day. It is inconvenient to consume more than pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds have a satiating effect. This snack helps to lose weight when consumed in moderation. It has a high-calorie value. It gives energy when consumed. In some cases, it can lead to weight gain.

Pumpkin seeds have an oily texture. Pumpkin seeds can cause acne in some bodies. People with skin problems should be especially careful. People with oily skin should not consume pumpkin seeds excessively.

The Social Aspect Of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are precious food that is a panacea. Besides, it is a part of our social life. Let’s give a very good example of this. Pumpkin seeds have special importance for an important name in Turkish theater. The artist expresses life with a perfect expression with pumpkin seeds. His story about pumpkin seeds is short but quite impressive.

One day in elementary school, he is sentenced to stand on one leg on the blackboard. He lives this situation with shame from everyone. He states that he lives in a very bad mood. In this state of mind, he feels the fluff in his pocket. They are pumpkin seeds in the puff pocket. They bought it for dinner with his older brother, who is a year older than him. But, they did not have a chance to eat.

At this very moment, he establishes the relationship between pumpkin seeds and life. He thinks that life is also suitable to be forgotten like this. He understands the value of living life in the face of the simplicity and beauty of nature. And he gets the satisfaction of being able to enjoy it.

Right at this point, he compares the life we ​​run after to the seeds in his pocket. He says we are always chasing our hopes like seeds. But, it emphasizes the effort made to survive. She realizes that difficult and troubled days give a different pleasure to us. And questions whether it is worth all the effort for life.

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