Authentic Turkish Delight

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Have you ever thought about why Authentic Turkish delight is so popular? Why is Traditional Turkish delight so famous? Why is Luxury Turkish delight called “Turkish Delight”?

authentic turkish delight
Authentic Turkish Delight

To be able to answer these questions, it is necessary to go deep into this historical flavor.

Then let’s rediscover this dessert together.

Interesting History Of Turkish Delight

Luxury Turkish Delight
Luxury Turkish Delight

Delighting the tastes with its delicate, yet delicious taste. Authentic Turkish delight is one of the indispensable desserts of eastern cuisine.

There are many legends and rumors about the history of this magical desert. But, the most well-known of them is as follows:

According to the rumor;

Traditional Turkish Delight
Traditional Turkish Delight

The Ottoman sultan broke some of his teeth while eating the candies prepared by the palace cook. After this incident, the sultan got so angry with the cook. And the cook started to prepare a new soft candy overnight, out of fear of the sultan. And that night he made the dessert he called Authentic Turkish delight. Of course, this is a myth.

According to another rumor;

The Arabian sultan was very fond of sweets and loved to consume many different sweets. To meet the sultan’s soul, he always demanded different desserts from the cooks. The head chef produced Turkish delight as a result of the different works he did for days.

But the most accurate is as follows;

Haci Bekir Efendi was a confectioner who came from Kastamonu and settled in Istanbul. He opened a candy store. It makes the traditional Turkish delight dessert with sherbet, rose water, and starch. Lokum is adopted by the public over time and takes its place in the palace kitchen over time.

Hacı Bekir successfully prepared Turkish delight for many years. Hacı Bekir was also rewarded with an Ottoman medal by the sultan of the period. And he was appointed as the confectioner’s head of the palace.

It spread to Europe over time thanks to travelers and traders. Today, Authentic Turkish Delight is a product most preferred by foreign tourists.

And thus, the “Turkish delight” loved by everyone, from small to large, finds its way to Eastern cuisine.

Why Is Traditional Turkish Delight Called “Turkish Delight”?

It is said that Lokum derives from the Ottoman word “Ul-Hulkum”, which means to soften the throat. Authentic Turkish delight was common in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. But, it was introduced as “Turkish delight” by the English traveler in the 18th century.
At that time, the taste of traditional Turkish delight came to the fore. For this reason, such as the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte admired celebrity taste.

Exquisite Varieties of Authentic Turkish Delight.

Luxury Turkish delight was previously cooked with a combination of honey, molasses, and flour. When refined sugar was discovered, factories uses sugar instead of honey. The varieties of Luxury Turkish delight are not limited to rose water and lemon flavors. The varieties of Luxury Turkish delight, which have been loved and consumed for centuries, are not limited to rose water and lemon flavored. There are so many flavors of Turkish delight that we cannot count. This dessert, which decorates Turkish coffee and becomes an inseparable pair with it, is served with plain, hazelnut, pistachio, walnut, almond, coconut, orange, rose-leaf, strawberry, lemon varieties as well as cream, mint, vanilla, ginger, and so on. types are also prepared.

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