Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

Wholesale Pistachios Suppliers In Turkey

We are engaged in the wholesale of roasted pistachio nuts and the export of Turkish pistachios in Turkey. At the same time, our company wholesales roasted Turkish hazelnuts, Turkish pumpkin seeds, Turkish sunflower seeds (ITC sunflower seeds), authentic Turkish delight, and Turkish roasted chickpeas.

turkish pistachios wholesale
Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

Turkish pistachios in Turkey is a plant that grows in the southeast region of our country. Menengiç (Pistacia terebinthus), (Bıttım) trees, which are considered wild pistachio trees, are grafted and transformed into Turkish pistachio trees. Today, grafted Turkish pistachio seedlings are also sold.

Turkish Pistachios Wholesale
Turkish Pistachios Wholesale

Pistachio saplings planted in grafted and grafted pine trees yield yields in an average of ten years. However, it may take longer to reach the full efficiency level.

Turkish Pistachio is a product that can be grown in arid lands. It can grow on its own, even in barren soils, even with no care. However, commercial cultivation in this way is not efficient.

The soil characteristic of the region where the pistachio tree is located is very important. In addition, weather conditions, temperature, and coldness affect the average production amount.

Antep Turkish Pistachios are harvested in late August or September. Harvested pistachios are dried naturally. Dried Turkish pistachios are offered for sale or stored in warehouses.

Pistachio is a very popular and preferred nut.

turkish pistachios kernel mawardi
Turkish Pistachios Kernel Mawardi

We all love nuts. Nuts are definitely something to look for, especially when watching something. Although there are many different varieties, the most popular among them is the Turkish Pistachio. Even if it takes a bit of effort to eat shelled pistachios, it really tastes different. In this article, we will give information about pistachios.

Pistachios are actually a shelled fruit. Gum belongs to the family of arugula. The reason why it is called Turkish pistachio is that the first pistachio business was established in Gaziantep. It was distributed to the country from here and the majority of production in the country took place here. For this reason, it is famous as Pistachio. Turkish pistachios grow on trees, they are oily and thin-shelled. It is used quite often in confectionery. However, it is also widely used in the production of cough syrup in pharmacies.

turkish pistachio kernel perfect green
Turkish Pistachio Kernel Perfect Green

Pistachio is one of the most loved among all other nuts. It’s worth it even if it’s a hassle sometimes. Pistachio is the first nut consumed in the sale of mixed nuts. The biggest reason why it is loved so much is its taste.

Shelled Turkish Pistachios

Pistachio In Turkey
Pistachio In Turkey

Turkish Pistachio is a shelled nut. It has the feature of preventing many different problems from diabetes to anemia. It also does not gain weight. So what are the benefits of shelled pistachios?

Benefits of Shelled Turkish Pistachios

Diabetes: This type of nut, which lowers blood sugar, is an effective solution to diabetes.

Anemia: Pistachio is quite high in iron. For this reason, when women and children consume it, it has an effect that alleviates anemia.

Doesn’t Make You Gain Weight: Pistachio is not high in calories. For this reason, this nut, which most people do not prefer to eat, does not actually cause weight gain. It contains a lot of fat, but these fats turn into energy, not weight.

Cancer: Pistachios raise good cholesterol. It lowers bad cholesterol. It also contains high levels of antioxidants. Therefore, it is very effective against cancer and its derivatives. It removes cancer cells from the body.

Pistachios are also consumed by roasting. This is called Roasted Pistachios and it is quite delicious.

Roasted Turkish Pistachios

wholesale of roasted pistachio nuts
Wholesale Of Roasted Pistachio Nuts

Pistachios can be consumed after roasting. A much tastier product is obtained by going through several processes. The most common consumption of pistachios is roasted. This type of pistachio is obtained by mixing and roasting it in a certain salt ratio and at a certain degree for a certain period of time.

First of all, high-quality pistachios are selected by special methods. Then, if any, empty or small ones among these selected peanuts are separated again. In the end, only light-colored and plump pistachios remained. These peanuts are tempered in rotating pans without brine, with a little salt. There is also a preheating process before annealing.

Thanks to this method, the mixture of foreign substances in the pistachios is also prevented. Keeping the salt content at a minimum level is also achieved by this process. During roasting, salt is added again as the salt decreases in the cauldron. With this method, quality is ensured in the roasting process. Since the salt content is low, it does not irritate the tongue during consumption.

The cooling process after the roasting process also affects the quality and taste.

Wholesale Of Roasted Pistachio Nuts (Turkish Pistachio Wholesale)

We are Turkish pistachios wholesale company located in Gaziantep Turkey. Turkish pistachio wholesale prices are always competitive. Our Turkish pistachios are of good quality. We packed in 25kg of bags or different kgs of carton boxes.

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